New Year, New Vacations, New Adventures

Like most cube dwelling employees, I await each new year waiting for my vacation days to restart after I used them up.B I’ve had some incredible travels.B Last year in November Tony and I took a week vacation to drive through Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula (If you go, rent a car, its easy and the tourist highway although pricey toll of 30 bucks, is awesome and empty).B We got scuba certified!

We saw lots and lots of Ruins (Tulum, Ek Balam, Chichen Itzen and Uxmal)

Pardon my orange hair look I had going.B Earlier in 2011 we took a two week road trip through California.B We drove from San Diego to Santa Cruz. Here’s us being blue in La Jolla Cove near San Diego.

The best part of that trip were the several days in Yosemite.B Yosemite was a pain in the butt to plan with all camp sites being booked by overzealous fathers taking their kids on a national park vacation a year in advance; however, with enough stalking we found a canceled night to make our bookings.B We even did the incredible strenuous 19 mile Half Dome Hike.

Yea that’s at a 45 degree angle.B I scaled a mountain and while climbing up was manageable; as I was making my way down clinging with my CVS gardening gloves (we were so prepared that while everyone was doing this with their mountaineering gloves, the closest thing we could find was 2.99 gardening gloves at CVS in town to hold onto the cable wires with); this was probably the first time in my life where I really wasn’t sure if I’d make it alive.B I’m not religious but I might have prayed at the moment.B Funny thing, on our way down we talked to a man that was in his 60s and he makes this trip several times a year!!!!B My idol.

For 2012, we are trying to plan another US trip.B We got a bunch of southwest miles and figured if we save our pennies on flights we can avoid hostels and stay in hotels.B It’s a little hard trying to find a time when neither of us are busy at work (both full time) and school (Tony’s taking 3 classes cause he’s crazy).B Where are we going for 2012?

Grand Canyon!

So I got my travel books and travel sites opened up.B Time to read up on when to go, where to stay and what to do!

I should probably recount my run for the day.B It was hard, my heart and lungs felt like they were working harder then usual.B It was a “hill” day.B 5.6 miles, 3 incline lunch time workout.B What I now call a “short run”

Dinner was a mixed bag.B Its what I call the I’m busy, I’m lazy, I’m hungry meal.

Trader Joe’s Organic Tempeh, Kirkland Frozen Stir Fry vegetables (I wasn’t joking about my love to costco), frozen peas and corn medley, Whole Grain Pasta Shells, and canned low sodium tomato sauce.B I know I committed a huge sin with the canned sauce, but I added a bunch of oregano, cayenne pepper and black pepper so I made it my own.B I could have used the cans of crushed tomatoes instead but I was craving a more watery sauce.B I promise the kitten, Jack Meower, was not included in my dinner.

And I think the end result was not too shabby.B Jack Meower kept trying to steal some.B This is the before picture, before I dumped the rest of the bottle ofB parmesan cheese and stopped pretending to be healthy.B Now it’s time to do some vacation planning!

Do you have any 2012 vacations coming up?

Ever been to the grand canyon? Any tips, advice?

Whats your favorite pasta?B

Shells!B I love filling them up with cheese and sauce

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