A day of rest, nachos, and book searches

A rest day – no run – maybe 3-4 mile leisure walk in search of used books.

I recently finished Girl with Dragon Tattoo and was on the search of Girl who Played with Fire.B After much failure in all the used bookstores of Cambridge, I saw it with the random man that sells books on steps of some Cambridge municipal building.B Score 3 bucks and in mint condition; no shipping required.B He’s there every Sunday depending on weather and had a pretty good collection for 3-5 bucks.B Cult classics for the hipsters, main stream fiction for normal gals like me.B I also picked up a hardcover of One Day by David Nicholls.

Another book that I was on the look out for was Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. No luck finding is used, so I’ll be ordering it from Amazon (free shipping and 35% less of price just can’t be beat). A friend and are doing a “book club” reading of it. I guess my March will be filled with books.

For 2012 I am attempting of reading one full book a month; audio books do not count.B For January I finished Crazy Sexy Diet.B I was not a fan of that book.B Mostly is seemed like a guide for disordered eating; although I do support eating real food vs. processed prepared dinners.B For February is was Girl with Dragon Tattoo.B Clearly I loved since I am moving onto the next book in the trilogy.

What have you read during 2012?B Are you reading anything good now?

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