Recovery Week Count down

Summary of workouts during “recovery week” post the Marathon debut

  • Monday 10 Mile Easy Run 9 min pace outside
  • Tuesday 10 Miles on handless Elliptical & 10 Mile easy run outside 8:38 pace
  • Wednesday Super busy work day but IB sneakedB in a 6 Miles Incline 3 horrible sticky treadmill run during lunch. 9:04 pace lots of walk breaks. B Did I mention that I hate humid runs! B Summer will be rough!
  • Thursday NOTHING, unless typing away is a workout
  • Friday Another sneaked in 6 Mile Runs at 3 Incline, 8:39 pace. B Much better, a lot less humid. B Keeping my fingers crossed for a Bikram workout.
I have a local 10K at 11:40AM onB Saturday. B Last year I ran it in 51:30, so I’m curious what a few months of marathon training will do to my 10K speed. B It’ll be humid, but 6.2 miles takes a lot less time then 26.2 =)

It’s been gorgeous the past few days in Boston!

But sadly due to a certain time of year, I’ve been seeing very little of the outside world.

I don’t actually see client anymore, but I still have the same deadlines.

At least on late workdays I get to expense dinner from Red Lantern. B Duck Buns! B Soooo good!

The rest of my dinner that got consumed in 10 minutes. B Duck buns, Salmon roll, cucumber salmon roll. B I’m becoming a speed demon when it comes to eating! B All these tax forms make me hungry =)

Jack hopes everyone has a Happy Run week!

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