Our household is so healthy even our cat tries to eat celery

After playing hooky on my long run this weekend, I tried to catch up a bit on Monday & Tuesday

Monday 14 miles 6 during lunch and 8 after work

The first run of Monday went well with an incline 3 and good average pace of 6.9MPH

The second run was a disappointment. B I got on the treadmill expecting to be flying after taking the weekend off for the most part with no 20-miler. B What B actually occurred was a struggle of 8 slow miles at 9 minutes pace on incline 2. B 6:30PM start runs are rough for me on work days. B My afternoon lunch just isn’t enough, and a snack doesn’t help. B By 6:30 I’m want to be on the couch, not running. B My mentally completely broke me down and I quit as 8 instead of the planned 12 I was doing post work a few weeks ago (although that was a 5:30 PM). B No picture taken as I marched off (and by marched off I mean slowly staggered) of the treadmill in defeat. B Maybe I’ll pretend I’m on a 4 week taper for Boston.

Tuesday 12 miles 6.3 during lunch for speed interval training and 5.7 random miles post work

Finally a good, happy treadmill run! B I missed those.

Post work run was just a catch-up for the abandoned miles on Monday, but none the less went well enough. B Both were on incline 2.

Or maybe it was my new pink workout top from target that kept me happy onB Tuesday. I have a sick love for pink and purple, the brighter the better if you haven’t noticed.

It’s funny howB as soon as I started complaining about how hot outside it was; winter came crashing in with negative temperatures below zero after a week of 70s.

What did I do on Sunday instead of a long run? B I pretended that it was raining hard and went to brunch instead. B Bloody Marys are of course a requirement.

Shrimp & Avocado salad with endive, grapefruit, tarragon at Sportello, a Barbara LynchB restaurant that feels just like eating in your own kitchen.

The best part though is the bakery…

Baked goods like all things should always come in three (or that’s I tell myself) so of course I got a black berry macaron, a dark chocolate salted caramel cookie, and a dried cherries and walnut cookie.

And no, none of these things made it home with me by the end of the day. B But don’t worry, we’re all healthy here even the cat.

On Sunday I also checked out the Boston Crafts fair which was a complete waste of time unless you like paying $749.99 for a painted beer bottle cap. B Yup, I guess that’s some talented crafts right there. B Needless to say, I did not buy anything.

Do you feel guilty when you skip your weekend long run?

Are you still training, tapering, or going with the flow?

3 thoughts on “Our household is so healthy even our cat tries to eat celery”

  1. I wouldn’t sweat it… you’re still getting good mileage in and seeing how awesome you did at your 1st marathon, I’m sure you’ll rock Boston. oh, and I like your bright pink shirt!

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