Day one of DC!

This was written Friday march 16 but posted now

I would like to repeat how awesome it is to fly 90 minutes vs driving 8 hours! This whole flying vs being cheap and driving/busing thing is still new to me.

Tony and I are staying at the Westin via hotwire at DuPont Circle. Plus side; close to the metro and awesome bed. Down side; no free wireless!! I refuse to pay since I got data on my phone. I also feel its a bit silly to charge wifi in four star hotels. Had there been a holiday inn option I would have picked it for for the free wifi alone…. And Tony loves their free breakfast.


All I require are bleached white sheets and coffee… preferable one that doesn’t taste like charcoal, but sometimes you can’t be picky.


On another bright side is that DC Westin unlike other Westin experience has let us check in early at 10AM with no groveling on our part! After dropping of our stuff at the hotel, we booked it for the Race expo, got my number and swag in seconds since we got there before noon. The expo was packed to the rim by 12:30.

The expo was a little bit disappointing in comparison to how many people that attended, but I heard you shouldn’t expect too much from RnR ones. I might also be a bit cranky because I was given the wrong size shirt after asking the guy five times for a small. Then again I think I almost never get the size I check off on the registration box so not sure why I felt sad. prob because I liked the USA design. Oh well I did make it out with some samples :).


The best part was the Brooks carnival area. got a free Run Happy hobo hat and got to play skueball! It really doesn’t take much to make me happy 😉

After the expo we decided food would be a good idea since you can survive on coffee and gu chomp samples only so long. After some debate we decided on Roti Mediterranean Grill. Seems like a DC chain that we don’t have in Boston.

A grilled chicken pita sandwich for him.


A Mediterranean chunky chicken salad for her with a side of lemon chicken soap


The sandwich and salad were a good option and the grilled chicken was solid. I wouldn’t travel for it, but for 7 bucks each, it made a solid lunch for a day of walking. The soup; however, please avoid. It tastes like that butter lemon stuff you dip lobster in, only gross.

After lunch we originally planned on going to the spy museum but after finding out its $20 a person we decided to opt for one of the awesome free Smithsonian museums instead. The American Art Gallery was right across the street! It had a beautiful indoor courtyard!


It also had a video game exhibit that was fun!



These crazy things almost gave me an epileptic seizure!


What do you think these people are doing?


Playing video games! Stop thinking dirty things! They had Zelda, PACman, Mario and a few others set up and in the other room the faces of the video gamers were on display. Pretty funny!

One game I don’t remember was this; Maybe I’ll get an emulator for it.


As always, no day is complete without a giant chocolate espresso cookie from Firehook Bakery. It had meh Yelp Reviews, but I needed sugar urgently and this was nearby. Yelp reviewers be damned, I was pretty content with the cookie

It was raining, so stylin’s Geico hat for hair protection! Umbrella was one of things I decided not to pack last minute.

One museum wore me out so we relaxed a bit before V came to DC from NJ. Where we proceeded by getting empanadas at Julia’s Empanadas.


Haha love that random woman’s face behind me. Sorry kids, maybe I just wasn’t drunk enough, maybe it was just too early in the night for this type of food, but not impressed. Either way it was filling, and I guess I can’t complain about a 3.59 priced dinner. Even if it wasn’t the smartest day before a marathon fuel. The inside was yummy, the dough was not.


We then proceeded to walk over two miles to Georgetown and then over two miles back to hotel. Yes this is how I work and prep before race day. I eat crap and walk half a marathon.

While in Georgetown I ruined Tony’s iPad3 testing experience at the apple store. So he proceeded by drowning his sorrows in ice cream at Thomas Sweet. I may have assisted….


Overall lots if eating, lots of walking, lots of seeing. Can’t wait for the race tomorrow!

All onboard! Next stop DC

Please note this was written Friday March 16th at the airport but not posted until days later due to Internet

First I would like to brag how I made it to the airport from my house in 11 minutes, through TSA in 12 and to the gate in 6 for a total from house to plane in under 30 minutes! I guess this is one perk to early flights. Early wake up not so much…. Yes it was only 5:55 alarm and it was rough. I blame the boyfriend! Back in my single lady living in the city days I used to wake up at 5am, run, and be at work at 7am…. What happened to me… I guess chasing the cat around the house until midnight doesn’t help 😉

Or things like this:


Best part of travel is my excuse to support evil caffeine pushing entities 😉


I’m going to share a possibly unethical secret. Recently I noticed that Starbucks starting charging like 69 cents for soy milk New England and NYC ( for real how dare they). I think the surcharge is waved if you have one of those Starbucks frequency or membership cards. You could do that but I’m one of those mess in a purse people so the last thing I need is another card to carry and lose. However, if you ask for soy milk after they hand you the coffee they rarely charge you after you already paid. Personally I think it should be out with the regular dairy milk. I think it’s fair enough when I’m already paying 3 bucks for my ice coffee 🙂

Running recap Wednesday & Thursday
Wednesday 6 miles – incline 3 – 52 min 55 seconds – 6.8 average pace


Thursday 7.5 miles – incline 2 – approx 62 min – 7.2 average pace


I stopped the treadmill at 7 miles but decided that since this is my last run before The Marathon I should probably cool down.

I did a final foam roll


And finalized my decision that I’m going to race this Saturday, not just train tempo but race. Work has been getting busy and won’t improve much until the tax deadline. I’m at the peak of my training and taking a week off from training won’t ruin my ability to run Boston. I won’t have much time for more than an hour run except for weekends in the next few weeks. Since I’m at the peak of my training, I might as well make the best of it.

My ultimate goal is of course for a BQ (quite lofty for a first marathon) but my official goal is to finish. During my training runs I got down to an 8:10 pace on flat surface. I know I have the ability now to get it down to 8 minute mile. I went from 9 minute pace on long runs to 8:10 on my best run to date (I was a bit sore for a few days). However I know that most likely DC won’t be a BQ for a few reasons.

1. It’s going to be 75 degrees and all my long runs have been in 45 degree weather. My water needs will obviously be much greater as I’m used to running with no water break until mile 18 or so.
2. I’m traveling and my schedule is disrupted.
3. I am not tapering… Completely and I plan on being a tourist and waking around the day before the race
4. The course is hilly for the first 13 miles and the turns seem a bit confusing when I looked at the course map

Sometimes just knowing that something is in my future is enough so instead I’ve come up with a few more reasonable goals.

1. First goal is to have fun
2. Stay hydrated and wear sunblock ( I guess this is more of a reminder)
3. Try to give each band on the course at least a small listen ( I’ll have my music/podcasts on me; but it is a Rock and Roll marathon after all)
4. Finish under 4 hours ( I need a time goal)
5. Visit the panda at the zoo (okay not a marathon goal but a DC goal)


Packing for DC!

I’ve been internetless while traveling so I’m back tracking on updates. This was written March 15th, Thursday

My computer is currently being upgraded and reformatted by an (awesome) friend so I’m now typing on an iPad vs. my ghetto 5 year old laptop on 1 gig of ram. Good part is
iPad works much faster. Bad part is my typos have increased to an even higher level. I really am world’s worst typer.

So packing for DC I made a list edited more than twice


Things I ended up taking
1 Two technical T-shirts
2. Two cotton tank tops which I might actually run in because even if sweaty wet they feel lighter than the tech shirts
3. One running skirt
4. One running shorts
5. One sexy dress for going out Saturday
6. One pair of casual shorts
7. One pair of Asics
8. Three sports bras
9. Fours pairs of socks, just in case
10 Four pairs of undies
11. Imodium to take pre-run just in case
12. Snacks because I’m always hungry
13. Hair straightener and leave in conditioner
14. Bikini incase of pool
15. Day purse
16. Flip flops
17. Compression socks for flying

Things I removed
1. More food I didn’t need
2. Shampoo body wash etc. Westin’s supply is good enough as long as I have my leave in
3. Heels – no desire to torture feet that way
4. Plastic bottle for protein mixes
5. More clothes I didn’t need

I guess in the end I packed more than I would have for a normal weekend get away but everything fit into a duffle bag or I was wearing so packing success in my mind.

Are you a light packer? What must you always bring? For me it’s food, leave in conditioner and hair straightener.

I have a million excuses but the truth is, I run because it makes me happy

  1. Its hot
  2. It’s inhumanely humid
  3. The AC is broken
  4. I’m bored
  5. This should be my taper week
  6. I’m covered in more sweat than I’ve had in a while
The list of excuses of why I stopped my second run today at 7 instead of 12 can continue but the truth of the matter is I run because it makes me happy and when I’m not happy (such as when its hot, intensely humid, and boring) I stop running. B I’m not an elite athlete and I’m beyond the recommended 30 minutes of exercise; therefore, sometimes I accept my excuses and call it a day. B I think a big part of me mentally has checked out for the week in the excitement and anticipation of my DC Marathon weekend.
The runs today were actually good. B I knocked out 6 miles during lunch at incline 3 in under 52 minutes which is my new record on these new treadmills.
I took it slightly easier for my post work run with 7 miles (although when I started I intended on 12), 62 minutes, on incline 2 and I just could not stop sweating. B I swear I could have saved a drought in all my sweat!

I also started researching in anticipation of worst caseB scenarioB in DC –B torrential downpour of rainB

The best running in rain advice Ibve read so far:

b Once you are wet, you are wet. Itbs really not going to get much more uncomfortable…b

Some tidbits I intend on following:

Dress in layers but DONbT over dress b Rain can make the weather feel a lot colder and yet hot and sticky at the same time. B The most important layer is the one closest to your body so make sure it’s a technical fabric (not cotton), which will wick water and sweat away from your skin. COTTON KILLs!!! Although I tend to wear cotton tank tops during summer races (Theybre cuter!), they will never dry and I definitely donbt need the extra weight of rain water. B Your outer layer (if necessary) should be a wind- and water-resistant jacket or vest.B Ibm packing my REI rain jacket if it gets really bad, but will try to avoid wearing it as it looks like high of 70s and even with the air vents I canbt imagine it not feeling stuffy. Donbt over dress as more layers just means more wet weight.B Dress as you would have for a dry but cloudy run.

Lube yourself up! b Chaffing becomes a bigger problem as your clothes get heavier and wetter.B Bodyglide/Vaseline and anything that will keep your skin from getting those clothes burns and don’t forget the toes!

Shelter yourself with a garbage bag and a hat b A garbage bag as a poncho seems like a simple solution to minimize clothes wetness while you wait in your coral for the race to start.B Once the horn goes you can toss if off to the side (donbt be rude, I hate when runners shed layers mid-course, give up those 2 seconds and throw your crap to the side of the course) Meanwhile a hat with a brim (finally a purpose for those baseball caps) will minimize some of the rain that will slap your face.B

Protect your gadgets b I canbt run, especially in rain without my music or podcasts.B Ibm reading that ziplock bags do wonders so Ibm going to bring a few.B Waterproof fancy cases work too. =)

Warning, this might be a cat heavy post

I had a fabulous running weekend! B As did the cat! B (Yes I need a new belt, but more a new treadmill that’s not as old as the U S of A

My thurday evening of beer and episodes of Desperate housewives was just what i needed for a solid friday run. B I got my usual 6 miles done in 48 minutes for speedword during lunch. B After work my OCD took over and it was driving me nuts that I skipped my 12 miler on Thursday. So I hit the treadmill for the second time of the day. B The people that work there think I’m crazy when they see me chump down a Larabar just so I can B run more miles. B My second run went well. B Throwing back 12 milers on a treadmill is definitely not getting any less boring but definitely easier on endurance. B Try it! B Honestly the first time I ran more than 8 miles I threw up!! B The second time I did a 10 miler I walked miles 9-10. B Yes, being stubborn gets you places no matter what your mother may say otherwise!

On Saturday I was hosting a Fundraising party/Random get together for my Boston Marathon Charity (Team BMC – Liana). B I am running for the Boston Medical Center, and although I do not have a fundraising requirement, I figured I’d do the best I can. And I am pleasantlyB surprisedB by how generous and amazing my friends are! B I wish I took pictures, but I was so stressed about everything being perfect that I had no time to take any. B The evening flew by!

The menu consisted of:

  • Homemade Hummus, Crackers, Veggies, etc. bites
  • VegetarianB ChiliB I made the day before so it could sit in the spices
  • Arancini – Italian Fried Rice balls with cheese and peas (amazing!)
  • Fagache – Something that I’m convinced Tony’s family made up using a pizza like dough with sausage (turkey) andB mozzarellaB cheese. B Think of it like cheesey sausage bread (its not a sandwich like a calzone would be)B

You basically roll out dough, do that, then roll it up in a spiral shape and bake it! B This was the only picture i took the whole evening before I realized I have no time for camera since its 5:30 already and I should probably shower and not be a stinky host.

  • Homemade apple blueberry turnovers that Tony’s mom made

I also had a salad that I completely forgot to serve! B And some other sugary delights. B Wine, beer and etc. B I think the evening went quite well! B I wish I was alert enough to take pictures of my first gathering I have hosted as an adult that didn’t involve beer pong. B I’ve fund raised $828 out of my goal of $1,000 for the charity.

The cat did some pretty nifty tricks to show of on Saturday:

But wait, this wasn’t enough….

Cirque Du Soleil you got nothing on Jack Meower!

My compression socks finally arrived. B I sold out (to myself) and ordered some pink overpriced compression socks. B I’m not sure they particularly help, but I find them quite comfy to wear around the house when the weather dips in the negative. B Plus they’re PINK!!!

Sunday, I was relaxing on my couch with a slight resentment towards my lost hour of sleep. B The cat agreed:B

Tony did not agree with my plans for the day:

I guess skipping your long run in favor of sleeping on a couch is not something an individual who was just fundraising for a marathon should be doing. B So I kicked my butt off the couch and and made it out the door. B (P.S. anyone else email their significant other even though they’re FIVE feet away in the next room)B

It was actually a lot hotter and I had to take my hoodie off and wrap around my hips. B I stuck to an average 8 min pace for about 18 miles. B I don’t know the spilts or exact details because my phone decided it no longer needed battery life 4.5 miles from my house (maybe I shouldn’t have played all those Temple Run games in full brightness mode). B So I had a very boring 4.5 mile run which motivated me more to run faster so I can stop being so bored! B I didn’t realize how dependent I am on my phone/facebook/podcasts/music when I’m out running 2+ hours. B I don’t know how those silent runners do it. B I was shocked when I found out I ran the 18.5 miles in 2 and half hours. B I guess those 6 miler speedworks on the treadmill are work. B Legs are a little bit sore from trying to balance but I wear this soreness with pride. B It signafies I didn’t just zone out and take it easy!

My DC marathon is in 5 days and as you can see I decided to skip the taper. B I did cut back on mileage but I think I want to use the marathon as a tempo run for Boston Training. B I did the math and I have to run 8 minute miles to qualify for Boston in 2013. B While I don’t think I’m at this pace yet, it does seem more reasonable the more running I do. B I know, I’m such a tool!

I also checked the weather for DC and it’s currently predicting storms for Saturday. B Meeep! Whimper!! Dear weather gods, please don’t let it be true!!!!

Do you think I should taper before DC even though my Boston marathon is four weeks after DC and I probably have no time for DC taper before my Boston taper would start? B People with marathon experience, I need advice!!!

How should I prepare to run 26.2 miles in potential ran? B I know I should def carry extra socks. B I might also use my older sneakers. B Any other advice? B Meep!

Home for my three B’s – boys, blogs, and beer

I was suppose to do a 12 miler post work, I changed, got on the treadmill and my heart felt heavy.B I decided to step off… this was not a day to test my limits.B A recovery run would not suffice when it was my whole body.B I was hanging on the cusp of over-training.B This has partially to do with my long run being on Sunday and losing Sunday as my rest day. Post-work errands on my low key run days did not help with the rest catch up this week. I started seeing all the symptoms.

  • Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy – Trying to balance marathon season and the tax deadline gets stressful… I should just relax and focus on my one time a week long run. I should accept that April will just never be my month for PR (nor October); however, there’s still 10 other months!
  • Pain in muscles and joints – my neck and arms feel stiff, probably my desk set-up isn’t helping, I should clean up my clutter
  • Insomnia – This is a biggie, I keep waking up every 2-3 hours and giving up on sleep after 6 hours.B Very unlike me since I can sleep away a solid 8 hours on a good night.
  • Decreased appetite – I just haven’t been hungry, but I force myself to eat thinking that would give me more energy to train.B I need to realize I need more rest not calories.
  • Lack of ability to concentrate as well as reduced power of differentiation and correction, this might be partially to do with my task list growing so I can’t give the same amount of time to everything that needs to be done.

So instead, I let my heart rest, and I might have picked up something something on my way home:

Yesterday after work I chopped half my hair off:

I initially was going to cut only 2 inches off but I felt so free and light that I just went for all 5 inches of chopping. Yes the guestroom aka my dressing room is a mess, and I should Windex up that mirror.

I still felt like a stranger to myself with the new hair length…. Yup bathroom photo for the win, co-workers walking in on you while you take a photo of yourself with your cellphone in the bathroom = brownie points.

On the bright side, I actually did feel good enough for my lunch 5.6 mile run. Incline 3 and under 49 minutes.B Maybe that’s where my 12 miler energy went?

Best part? Goodbye Blow out, hello this mess:

I have just enough time to run, shower, change during lunch… good thing I don’t do silly things like wear make-up or style my hair.

Most inspiring was this little blurb in Runner’s World.B Maybe it’s just my over-training/PMS moods talking but reading that made me tear with inspiration!

Most amazing eat this week was this molasses ginger cookie from Flour Bakery at the South End.

And just because I’ve been keeping track of every run so far, here’s my run from yesterday at incline 2.

Funny of the week… Have you read the Hunger Games?B I have and I loved it.B Well I lied a bit, I listened to the audio book on my runs, on my walks, on the commute, while cleaning, while eating and before I knew it I have gone through the trilogy in a week and did not know what to do with myself.B So if you had a mini crack addiction to the Hunger Games, you might enjoy this:

I’ve been a busy girl.B Yesterday I finally

How dare people use MY TREADMILL at the gym!!!

Summary 2 Runs Total – 18 miles – Total Time 2Hr36min

First question: Is it normal to eat 3 cups of mushy oatmeal at a time? Is it normal to dump half a canister of cinnamon and take a blurry photo of your breakfast?

I have a problem. B I get attached to everything especially inanimate objects (something to do with having a younger brother who destroyed all my toys as a kid?). B I’m also a creature of habit. B Therefore its no surprise that I have what I consider to be “my treadmill” at my work gym.

I’m spoiled with my work gym, I’m also spoiled because “my treadmill” is almost always open. B However, today as I was walking in for a 5.6 mile 3 incline run at lunch, another individual was in my way. B Yes, he had every right to be there, if not more…

Okay, fine, there’s other treadmills. B However, as I walk from one to the other (there’s only five in total), I keep noticing the incline is off. B I keep running,B watchingB the guy, hoping he’s coming to the end of his workout. B Alas, he did not. B End result my speed was 7.7 miles vs usual 7.0 on “my treadmill.” B I have a feeling my speed was correct just no incline.B I’ll accept my lunch run as 6 miles @ 8 minute miles total time 48 minutes.

Can I also mention that I have a work gym for reasons like this:

And yes that chocolate mouse cookie thing on the left was amazing and worth every empty calorie!

Worry not, this was all part of my fuel for my second run!B 108 Minutes 12miles! Incline 2 that I got to run on “my treadmill.” Pretty much unless you hear me whine all treadmill runs are done on “my treadmill”

You know you’ve come a good way when you end your treadmill run not because you’re tired and want to die/puke but because you ran out of new episodes of RadioLab podcast to listen to and decided you’re bored.

Dinner – leftover drunken noodles with added sauteed baby spinach.B I wonder if anyone else pounds away baby spinach faster than me?

Do you have a certain treadmill, elliptical etc that you designate as your own at your gym?B Do you have a gym membership?B Which one?

10 Days until DC!!!!!

Soreness & Bikram

I must confess, when I see people running, I secretly race them.B I don’t know why, its my inner competitive child that never got out when I was younger since I didn’t partake in any sports until I was 24.B Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.B Combine this secret racing with a self-imposed marathon and you get one sore Liana the next day.

When I got to the gym for my lunch break, I mentally wanted to run but I knew although I felt energetic that the knots of soreness in my right upper leg might beg to differ.B With less then 11 days before my marathon I decided there’s no need to argue with the legs.B So 4.2 miles on the elliptical with some arm weights and a ton of foam rolling became the new plan.

After work I made an urgent date in my outlook calender for a Bikram session where I reached a new level of sweat.B I had so much sweat dripping, pouring that I kept sliding all over my mat even with two towels covering it!

And as ridiculous as I looked (and let me tell you I take quite the award for lack of balance) the hips and legs felt looser.B I also didn’t die from drowning in my own sweat, although I was pretty close to it.B Maybe the soreness will leave the body tonight.

Also, can I mention how awesome Thai food is.B Can I also mention how much more awesome Thai food is after a 26 mile run.

I think if calories were no issue and I had a personal chef, I would live of drunken noodles!

Whats your favorite type of food?

Thai! Thai! and some fried ice cream

Do you ever race random strangers on your runs?

Its rude to count people as you pass them… out loud

In summary 26.2 Mile – 3Hr50Min (3:40Min running, 10min pee/snack break) – Basically flat outside course

As a kid and an immigrant child (We all heard of Asian Fs, but have you heard of Russian Jew Fs?B They’re exactly the same. Thick Russian accent “You got a B+, why no A? You fail”), before an exam I took several practice tests (both by will and force for preparation and parental enforced perfection).

So when I started looking up marathon training plans, it’s no surprise that from the start I dismissed ending my training at 20 miles.B Seriously, why would I stop 6.2 miles early?B That’s almost 25% of the race that’s would end up being new territory.B Now, I am not insulting anyone who stops at 20 miles and just roughs out the last 6.2 miles, but I need to be prepared for the unexpected. All training recommendation tell you to not increase your mileage by more than 10%, then why would the rules change for the race?B I never understood that part with training plans. I am also very lucky that aside from missing a few social events I have limited responsibility on weekends.

So I decided to make my own training plan based on my schedule.B Originally I was trying to have several 24-26 week runs, approx 4.B However, I had a mild foot fracture in November from hiking and was not able to start training until mid December. This put a serious time crunch in building up my base.B I am not joking when I say that before December I was running 26.2 miles in a week not a day. B B However, I have to admit that although I was only running 26 miles a week, I was doing that in 3-4 days.B I also ran a half marathon in September.B Therefore, I was starting from a relatively comfortable base of about 10 miles. Now, I just had to almost triple my mileage in 2.5 months.B This took determination and a lot of canceled weekend brunch plans.B Hard as I try, with the cold weather it was impossible to get myself running before 10AM.B I am hoping that once the weather gets warmer I can become an early morning runner instead.

My first 18-20 mile runs were miserable.B I came home in pain, collapsing on my floor from the cold and exhaustion.B The second was not much better.B I iced and then I iced some more the next day as I walked a bit funny as work.B I do not know why, but after I stop running my body goes into a freezing shock.B In addition to the normal pains of push your mileage this was misery.B However, by my third run I noticed that at mile 20 I actually felt okay and added another 1.5 miles.B I kept doing this the next week until I reach 24 miles.B Now, don’t get me wrong, I was still exhausted and the freezing shock was still happened; however, I no longer felt like I was going to die after running.B The pain turned into joy with practice.B Maybe not joy, but close enough to enjoyment.

This morning for my final pre-DC race I had a 26.2 mile run.B And I got lucky when I convinced Tony that we should go on the minuteman Bike Path.B The bike path is approx 8.5 miles long each way and makes a much better place to run then the 4-5 loops I do around the woods near my house.B Also, unlike my running trail not only is the path longer, its flatter and wider.B The flat, wide path was a great change of environment for my knees!B Plus with the weather being dark and 40 degrees, there were very few bikers I had to share the path with. This becomes a different cranky story in the summer.B However, for now all I saw were runners and walkers.B I was also surprised by how many runners I was able to pass by. There were also plenty faster than me that kept me at a faster pace.B I was able to get my first 13 miles in under 8 min pace!B I don’t think I ever ran that fast except for half marathon races.

It was also nice to see some undisturbed snow.B All the snow on the city streets melted before I got a chance to enjoy.

Because this was an almost 9 mile trail, 17 miles round trip; I had to carry my water handheld.B I usually rough it out and just get a bit dehydrated until I run by house midway; however, this was not an option.B At mile 17 when I finished my first loop, I dropped it off in the car.B I sipped some coconut water, ate half my protein bar (soo good and actually filling instead of waking up my hunger like others) and got ready to tackle my last 9 miles.B I thought those would be rough but after my 5 minute break in the car, I felt re energized and ready to go.

After my run, I finally tried my bag of Try Chips that I recently received as a sample.B They were just so delightful! I couldn’t believe the whole bag was only 100 calories and with every chip being made out of 100% natural real fruit, it made perfect refuel. I stole this from their website “Try Chips are an all natural snack, enhanced with super foods carefully selected to replenish your energy after pushing your body beyond its personal comfort zone. Our final ingredient in our war against Apathy and of course our battle cryb&”B I love it!B Unfortunately they are a bit pricey.B For 2.50 per bag, I might save this indulgences for only those days where I am pushing truly beyond my comfort zone.

In the end 26.2 in the books and I am now a marathoner, even if its unofficial!

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Did you do any running this weekend?B I want to know how it went. Other people running makes me feel less of a weirdo!