Happy Passover and my Dad’s birthday


I’m currently in NYC visiting my parents for my Dad’s birthday and Passover.
Me and my brother hoarded our pennies and got my father an IPad3. We figured he earned it for living half a century.


But worry not I spent majority of the day treating myself. After my regular 3 cups of peanut butter oatmeal I decided I can do longer say no to the cinnamon swirl in the cafeteria; because I’m worth it.


Lunch were free work sandwiches from Roast Beast. Fridays are awesome!

I got a lunch run in. 6 miles at incline 2 with moderate effort. I decided to not try to hard because I was planning a 20 miler while I’m in Brooklyn (recap later but I love running in NY. The run was everything I love about New Yorkers).


I didn’t have good Friday off but the office did close at 3pm so it’s better than nothing. I took a 6pm flight out of Boston and by 7:10 was in JFK.

Once I got to my parents house I dug through their leftovers for food. Travels makes me hungry even if I’m just sitting.


Piroshki! Cabbage and meat!


Pickles a requirement.


Wrap up with some zucchini mushroom potato pancakes.


Always room for desert of some matzo raisin dried fruit and nut concoction. Yes I’m a master at eating my own weight in one meal.


Wrapping up with some cuddle from Rocky and Tony

2 thoughts on “Happy Passover and my Dad’s birthday”

    1. thank you! The dog is a bundle of cute, until I realized that when it poops I need to pick it up. The walking the dog became a lot less exciting then.

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