Boston Marathon Eve & Expo

A few apologies for all the typos and horrible ramblingB of my last post. B That was horrible writing even for me (and that’s saying a lot since my normal writing is about as a good as an engineering exchange student). B I was in a rush and wanted to post my thoughts.

I haven’t been taking the smartest steps in the past 3 days. B In the words of my Daily Mile friend:

I didn’t run Friday or Saturday and with the stress of having my parents and their dog visit me, my mind and body was craving a run. B Craving! B A short 3-miler turned into 10.3.

I did make a few smart decisions on Saturday. B I went to the expo early. B Okay, correction I tried to go to the expo early but mixed up the Boston Convention center with the World Trade Center also at the Seaport. B I cursed a little at my wasted quarters in the meter and finally made it to the correct location by 8:45.

Got my number (all the way in the back of the expo since I’m starting never (aka 3rd wave). B It was quick and easy. B Awesome part was that for T-shirts they had XS for women. B THANK YOU BAA! B Nothing angers me more than race swag that doesn’t realize that runners are small and we can’t run in giant snuggys.

The expo was pretty busy at 8:45 and by 10AM it was swamped and I left. B I didn’t have time or patience to play Runner Groupie so I can’t report on seeing any of my runningB heroes or anything cool like that.

The coolest exhibit/vendor was Brooks. B They had a heaven theme. B I’m sorry that me and Brooks running shoe didn’t work out but I still love them. B Those guys always go all out! B I took a picture running with Abe Lincoln and Gandhi! B Super cool! B At the DC Marathon, they had a carnival theme and I got to play skeeball! B If you’re ever at a running expo, hit up Brooks.

I have a real camera I carry everywhere and yet I always end up using my iPhone with one hand out of laziness. B Yes, my goal is to make everyone dizzy with my blurry photos.

I don’t think there was anything too impressive from the vendors. You had your usual head bands and compression stuff B with all the usual running shoe company giants. B I was on a search for a technical version of my Old Navy tank top (I hate having my chest confined because the sweat makes me break out, I know charming, you welcome). B I needed a tank with a pocket but all the ones I saw at the expo were either fugly or were too constraining near the neck/chest area. B I guess I’ll just carry my chomps in my handheld. B Ladies, what are your favorite running tops? B My running skirt has no pockets either =(.

I did wear my new ProCompression socks all day Saturday. B Yes my parents and everyone else around me gave me some looks.

And a funny picture of the Day:

Tony put the Dog on top of Jack’s favorite stumping ground. B Needless to say, Jack was not amused and jumped up to kick Rocky of the bureau. B Yes it’s been fun making sure the kitten and the puppy don’t kill each other while my parents were visiting. B You can see why I was craving that 1o-miler now =).

Time for my charity team dinner!

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