Recovery – Week

The rough part about having a marathon on Monday is that there is no Sunday for rest. B Its back to work by Tuesday and good morning to you too, 7AM wake up. The good part is that it’s already Wednesday and I only have two days left before the weekend. B In typical Boston fashion its 46 degrees right now (quite the drop from the 90 on Monday). B I guess it’s time to turn back the heat and down comforters again.

So what do Boston marathoners do for recovery? B I’m not sure, but I can tell you what this half-marathoner did.

She took a lunch time walk on Tuesday. B Since I stopped running halfway I was not feeling sore at all other than my ankles from walking and my head that felt like I got trashed at a beach on cheap tequila. B I’m hoping this hangover feeling will go away as my vitals return to normalcy.

I took a stroll and sweated up a small bucket during lunch. B Not sure how I made 10 times the distance in 15 degree hotter weather. B I must have been delusional.

And just like that the final clean up was being done Tuesday. B I have some beef with BAA &B Adidas. B I took a stroll to look at the poster on the trailer in Copley; the one with all the runners’ names. B My name was not on said poster. B I checked FIVE TIMES to make sure I wasn’t blind. B I even asked for help and still no luck. B =( I guess I don’t feel too bad about throwing it out in the recycling trash by accident on Sunday night.

The streets are once again empty and the flowers were blooming.
What else do half marathoners do besides wear their compression socks in pride? B They go to Scotch Tastings held atB Towne, a high endB restaurantB in the Back Bay area of Boston. B

Some of the tasty choices I got to test. Here’s a photo of Brad our scotch guide:

B We also got to munch on some of Towne’s famous bites:







Here’s a neat parlor trick. B Next time you want to seem fancy, bring an eyedropper into a bar and add one drop of water to open up the aromas


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