Notes & Life & With Always More Photos of Me

I’ve been doing less running and more socializing and by socializing I mean just eating and napping. B With tax season and marathons wrapping up for me, my body has been craving rest. B So rest it got this morning when i nixed my plan for a long run and went back to sleep with my Zzzs topping out at 11 hours.

I did use Friday and the gorgeous weather for some running catch up. B Its weird having your legs regain their feel and confidences after Monday.

7 miles on the evil dreadmill at 3 incline in 61 minutes followed with a post work run in the great outdoors 11.3 miles in 1hr35min with bedtime by 10PM.

Ever have those nights where you watch the clock for it to turn 10 so you can feel its more normal to go pass out in bed then?

As mentioned before, instead of running 27 miles today, I ran 3.2 in 24.5 minutes and then went of to sample 250 wines instead.

While it was fun to try out these different types of wines, I can’t say it was truly that enjoyable without food. B If I had one comment, I would have added more food vendors or sponsors. B I guess I’m just a beer kind of girl.

What about you? B Beer or wine?

Before the indulgences, we took our cat for his first outdoor play. B Jack too needed to enjoy the weather and that he did, once he got over his fear of sunlight.

I got home at 6:30 PM and I realized it was still sunny (Yay for summer!) , giving Tony and I just enough time for a power hike. B What’s a power hike? B Its a quick and easy hike on an easy path where you race the setting sun. B The great part about living in Malden is that we’re only a 5 minute drive from the Middlesex Fells, a state park. B I should work on finding other great things about Malden since we’re buying a house here but I’ll get back to that later.

Nothing like hiking away a wine buzz

Hows your Saturday going?

Wine or Beer? Beer! B I only like prosecco for wine while my taste for beer is endless.

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