BTone Fitness – SPX Review

Now when you see this what comes to mind?

No Tony and I did not join some S&M club… The girls I work with and I decided to try something new for a workout. B We wereB intrigued, confused, scared and excited as we kept hearing about thisB PilatesB type of workout. B Well we finally got our schedules in check and made our appointment at BTone Fitness. B Making a 6:30 class took more planning than it looks since each class only has 11 people.

What is BTone we wondered? B Even upon getting there, I still had no clue so I did some research on their site. B It usesB Lagree Fitnessb” which is an innovative workout specifically designed to “strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely. This workout is largely based on the holistic principles of Pilates, but also emphasizes the strength training and cardio elements not inherent to Pilates to achieve muscle definition faster than traditional Pilates and/or weight training alone.”

Not bad promises for just 45 minutes of my time. B Yoga takes over 90 minutes for these kind of promised results so I figured it was worth a shot. B After all, time is money and at $30 per class this was some pricey time.

Basically for the next 45 minutes I attempted to incorporate the “key principles of core stability and blending them with the fusion of muscle dynamics.” When you do things correctly, it should look like this:

This photo was taken from their website and let me tell you, I did not look like that for a second. B Majority of my 45 minutes was spent praying that I would not fall. B In fact I was wondering why they didn’t make me sign a waiver!

We spent about 15 minutes working our core with crunches and different plank-like exercises. B The next 15 minutes we did leg things that were probably equivalent of leg press type machines. B We wrapped it up with arms that I will probably be feeling soon. B Overall I don’t think this reformer machine provided anything special that some free weights or a giant ball can’t do. B My otherB critiqueB was the way the class was taught there was no adjustment for individual level of fitness. B Our instructor only explained each move once which left me scrambling trying to figure out where to put which limb where without falling over. B She did instruct us which resistance level to use for each move. B However, she didn’t give a range. B Had I been more experienced I would have used a level lower resistance for arms (I’m weak) and a level higher resistance for legs; however, no such option was explained.

BTone FitnessB B is one of two only SPX studios offered in New England. B The studio is located in Boston’s Back Bay and its super easy to get to by the T. B The first class is only $5 and is totally worth trying out. B After that each class is $30 which to me seems a little overpriced.

4 thoughts on “BTone Fitness – SPX Review”

  1. I would have looked like a fool in that class. 🙂 I do love trying new classes, I tried Barre a few weeks ago and was incredibly embarrassed but I could feel the work out the next day. I have always wanted to try a pilates class like that, but I am not so sure now. Thanks for the review!

    1. it was fun to try. I would definitely try it out for the $5 first try. Someone told me they had some groupon deals in the past which would make sense as $30 per class seems a bit steep when you can pay for a full gym membership at that price.

  2. Glad you tried out spx! I am the owner of the studio and urge you to try ot out again because I know each class can vary quite a bit and it is not something that compares to lifting weights. trying it out many times is the only way to feel that. Also just want to clarify on pricing in case people find this search first. Almost nobody pays per class and most people come for around $20 per class when they buy a package and some less than $10 on a monthly pass. Shoot me an email so I can put a few classes on your account so you can try it out again. As an athlete myself I know how important it is to strength train and this workout has been so beneficial that is why I uprooted my life and bank account to bring it to the area.

  3. I agree that $30.00 is pricey! I like it when studios give beginning packages for three or four classes, so that you don’t have to commit to a whole month and it gives you a chance to give the classes a fair shot. I was going to Pure Barre and every month the cost increased, which I found nutty. Needless to say, I stopped going. Not really sure of the decisions behind that kind of business strategy.

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