A new attempt at a solution without resting…

I’d like to say I’ve been behaving and resting my knee/leg but that would probably be a lie. B I behaved Sunday and did not run. B However that was mostly since I slept til noon and then spent the majority of the day doing this:

And no I did not beat Mario. B I’m stuck at the castle in World 5. B I did find the secret door that allows me to skip to world 8 but I’ve always been aB proceduralB person and am determined to make it through each world one by one. B Or be stuck on World 5 for months…

I did take an hour break to crash Brandeis University’s SpringFest to see Fun, all to realize that I however, am no longer young. B At least not college age young.

Monday I behaved well… I bypassed the treadmill andB ellipticaledB my way through 10.5 miles of sweat.

Tuesday… well I just couldn’t say no to my love and stumped out 7 miles in 57:30. B Great speed; however, I paid the price when I stopped and my shin/knee locked out and I had to sit on the floor for a moment to stretch my leg and gather my strength.

The rest of the day I sat at my desk icing my leg silly. B I’m pretty sure I gave my shin freezer burn from all the zealous icing. B Well the good part since I am no longer running after work; I can cook.

I roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips in the oven seasoned with nutritional yeast and paprika for a cheesy but spicy flavour. B I was secretly craving thoseB kale chipsB B I had a week ago but was too lazy to go to the store to buy kale so I tried to improvise.

I also cleaned/threw my house apart searching for my powerstep shoe inserts while Tony quoted “Born to Run”B minimalisticB propaganda and made fun of me. B I used the shoe inserts when I had a minor stress injury on my foot from hiking (I seem to always get hurt when I do non- running activities).

No luck, however, I did get a chance to clean up all my samples and swag bag stuff from the past few months of races and expos. B I guess you can tell whose half of the cabinet this is:

Yea, it’s perfectly normal to eat chocolate by the pound.

Luckily today when I got to work, I found my powerstep insoles. Between busy times, the free gym, and the awesome showers I’m pretty sure I live at work.

Now I knew I should have behaved, moved away from the treadmill and went to the elliptical. B Part of me was hoping that the guy that usually steals my treadmill would be there so I would be forced into remission. B No such luck, so I lost my self-control, put some trust into my PowerSteps and started up my run.

I was very weary and was expecting pain at any moment in my knees; however, before I knew it, I was at mile 5 with no issues and decided to stump it out for a total of 7 miles in 58:08.

Now knee, before you protest, please take note that I’m keeping the incline at 2 instead of 3 to have a more flat surface for you. B Don’t say I never did anything for you! I don’t completely ignore my pains, I’m lowering my incline for you (and probably for me so I can run easier).

I was also surprised that I was able to keep my pace at the same speed as I ran without the inserts. B Last time I used them they slowed down my runs as my ankles/calves would get to tired.

What’s not surprising? B The bucket of sweat I produced! B (And yes I love my Team BMC singlet.)

I swear on my running shoes that on a normal day-to-day activity I almost never sweat but, as soon as my feet hit the pavement (or treadmill) it all comes out!

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