Exploring Charlestown Historical Sights

I had a great run today even with my injury. B I also made up my mind to see an ART (Active Recovery Treatment) doctor for my leg. B Aside from crappy knee/leg pain I still managed to PR!

I knew it was going to be a good day when I went to sleep and noticed Jack was wishing me good luck by sleeping on the treadmill.

In fact all of Saturday was a good day. B I picked up my number for the Run toB Remember. B The expo was nothing fancy other than I took several coconut waters home with me. B It’s a charity race to benefit Community and kids programs of the Boston Police Runner’s Club. B It’s a fun race but sadly doesn’t get the same corporate backing as say a Rock n Roll race would get. B So needless to say aside fromB registration, a Odwalla sample booth and Zinco coconut water, there wasn’t much else to see there. B I guess 8 thousand runners isn’t enough to bring anyone else over.

After getting my number Tony and I walked around the Seaport district of Boston. B Here is a lovely picture as we stare back at Boston.

Afterwards we walked to the Boston Aquarium area and did something touristy and local at the same time. B We took a ferry to Charlestown, another neighborhood in Boston. B The ferry took about 10 minutes and cost $1.70. B Aside from saving us precious time of walking or training for 40 minutes we got to enjoy the cool ocean breeze.

Also another great view of Boston!

Upon walking into Charlestown we waved to Old Ironsides and made our way to the new Korean war memorial instead. B The cool part of the memorial is that its audio integrated. B Benches for contemplation. Audio is selected by buttons mounted on stainless steel column to right of bench. B The buttons are labeled “On the Line”, “Fighting Conditions”, “Us & Them” and “Aftershock”. Another two buttons play “Empty Tables, Empty Chairs” and “Bring Them Home” from Les Miserables.Also each brick on the path is donated by the loved ones of dead or missing soldiers.

Afterwards we had a new mission… to find the Bunker Hill Monument and to climb it…

We got detoured by a church. B I was sweating pretty hardcore by now due to 80s temp. B In New England, 80s is a heat wave. B So our savior came in the form of an air conditioned church.

After a minute of cooling, we returned to our mission. B With a few street circling we found it. B The Bunker Hill monument.

The Bunker Hill Monument stands 221 feet tall atB Breed’s Hill, the site of the first major battle of the American Revolution fought on June 17, 1775. Control of this high ground near the harbor was important to the British occupation of Boston. When colonial forces chose to fortify Charlestown, they bypassed the more dominant “Bunker Hill” and dug in on Breed’s Hill which was lower and closer to the water.

“Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” is the legendary order attributed to Colonel William Prescott to make sure that each shot would count. The poorly trained and ill prepared colonial forces repelled two major assaults by the British Army before retreating. Almost half of the British soldiers were either killed or injured. Although the colonists lost the battle, their bravery and strong showing against the British encouraged them to fight on.

In Boston, we take pride in our losses as if they were winning. B We have a history of great modesty as you can tell.

To climb to the top is free! B All that stands in your way are a few steps, 294 steps to be exact in a spiral circle. B We made it to the top in 3 minutes 30 seconds. B I would have raced Tony but it was high tourist season and there was a limited amount of racing space. B Next time.

Not too shabby. B That church is the one we went inside. B The fat skyscrapper to the right is the John Handcock Tower where I work! B Dinner plans consisted of eating my leftovers from the few nights before. B I’ve been fortunate to be doing a lot of eating out this past week between work & my parents visits so I’ll probably write about some places tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Exploring Charlestown Historical Sights”

  1. What a beautiful church! It’s funny that we were in Boston the same weekend. Looks like you had a great day! oh… I got my giant drink from some mexican tequila bar/restaurant right in Quincy Market.

  2. The Boston race was great wasn’t it. I told you that you would PR, me too by 2 minutes! I saw you on mile 6, you were already on the return trip around mile 8, you are freakin fast!

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