A running withdrawal…

Less than 48 hours left to get my votes in for Team RefuelB which also means no more annoying pleads after end of May.

I’m on day 3 of my no running 14 day cleanse (of not running). B I also made an appointment with Dr. Michael Santipadri for next week for my leg that’s been bummy since Boston Marathon. B He is a certified ART (active release technique) practitioner and hopefully can help me.

Tuesday was a fine day of 8 miles on the elliptical which I’m slowly starting to dread. B My TV shows have ended and surviving through a 50 minute workout on that thing is getting a whole lot more boring.

I also took a sculpt class at the Y which was relatively low impact (the class is designed to be friendly for beginners and older folks) but it did get me to lift some weights which I never do on my own. B If I was more motivated on my own I could probably do that whole one hour class in 20 minutes, but I’m not. B Lifting weights one arm at a time is better than no weight lifting.

I have this semi-plan of trying to start doing my Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones DVD to get some muscle tone back. B Training for a marathon made me lose weight, but I can’t say I like how much weaker my other muscles have become (or my shrinking lady lumps). B I love long distance running, but I also loved my curves. B I envy the women who can keep both! B It might be fun to buy a size smaller pants, but having to restock all your bras a size smaller can get a bit depressing!

4 thoughts on “A running withdrawal…”

  1. I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to run. It’s AWFUL! I’ve noticed that since I’ve been cross training more, I’ve lost pounds and am getting more defined than when I trained for my marathon. I actually gained a few pounds during marathon training, not much, but a few. I would LOVE to lose weight. Us women… we are never happy with our bodies. hehe

  2. Do you know how well you’re doing with the votes? I will vote again tomorrow for you. You should certainly try to incorporate weight lifting into your running — I would go crazy if all I did was run, even though I’d be smaller, probably. But I’m not big to begin with and I like muscle definition and somehow I believe it helps with the running. Not that you need any help in that regard. . . . 🙂 Hope the doctor experience is positive for you. I’d go crazy with an elliptical workout under any circumstances. . .

    1. Thank you for the good doctor visit vibes.

      No idea on the votes. They don’t show you so I’m trusting them that the contest isn’t rigged. I can see view counts but I tell people not to even bother watching the video since it’s so bad.

      Definitely need to work on my strength and core!

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