Can you ever be too old for eating tacos on a weekly basis?

Day 6 of no running cleanse is done! B Luckily I felt no grand need to run today since it’s been pouring buckets all day.

I’ve been cravingB guacamoleB for days now, so this would be great excuse to make tacos! B Turkey taco salad with sautC)ed baby kale with a side of taco. B I had a hardworking day of packing.

Packing isB strenuous! B Thank god for Trader Joe’s B and their hot fresh salsa andB guacamole! B Yes, I think it’s normal to stand there with a spoon eating both items straight out of their packaging and then wondering why you feel full before your dinner is ready.

Friday, I finally gave in to all the hype ofB Tone It Up girls and tried their workouts. B I did one circuit of their Sunkissed Abs, MaliBooty, Goodness workout & Tone it up thighs. B Okay I have to confess I only made it through 2/3 of the reps they say to do but my butt was still sore when I woke up Saturday.

Other fun thing: Last night Tony & I finally had a chance to check out Fizz Ed’z. B A newish place that opened up right here in Malden in place of Honey Fizz. B I don’t mean to insult anyone’s lifestyle but no sane decent human being walked by Honey Fitz without feeling at minimum creeped out, and terrified of some of the questionables around. B Luckily Honey Fitz closed its doors and I was delighted at the sound of Fizz Ed’z when I heard the rumors.

I grew up in Brooklyn, lived in Boston and moved to Malden. B Needless to say the nightlife in Malden has been relatively unexciting; however, places like Fizz Ed’z are making me stay local on nights instead of driving across the river.

A funky/soul band was playing. B They were great! B Drinks were reasonably priced with around 3.50/4 for draft. The crowd was everything I like about Malden compared to Boston, a mix of rich & poor; young & old. B Everyone seemed to be having a great time, dancing to the beat! B There was also a giant TV in the room so I got to watch the final minutes of the Celtics game as they beat Miami! B Wooot!!!

IPhone camera fail

While I spent the day packing Jack spent the day cuddling with all my furry friends!

or maybe he was exhausted from the 30 minute almost walk we took on Thursday

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