Moving and dining on Sri-Lankan yummies

I’ve been off topic in the Run to Munch world. B Well not off topic, still munching just not running. B On Monday I saw the ART/(Active Release Technique) doctor. B I get all my information even medical from Wikipedia so here’s what I learned. But basically after enough poking & pulling B I left the doctor’s office a little sore but feeling great! B I was too busy to test out my legs/butt on Tuesday but on Wednesday and Thursday I had two great runs!

They were slow runs but after 10 days of not running I was just happy to be back on my trusty semi rusty treadmill. B I pounded 6.7 miles on Wednesday and 8 on Thursday both at or just below 9 minute miles.

Then Friday came and my left butt/leg felt tight and wrong again. B It’s not painB per sayB but a dull ache has returned. B I did have a follow-up appoint where some more poking and pulling went on and I felt better. He showed me some more stretches that made me realize just how much more tight my left hip is compared to my right hip. B That probably explains why I’m always gettingB injuredB in that area. B I pulled my hipflexor before in boxing so injuries in that area seem to be a constant theme. B Parts of it are from sitting at a desk all day and then going to intense bursts of activity. B Or doing intense bursts of activity and then sitting all day.

I actually haven’t been too depressed about the lack of running because I’ve been super busy with trying to figure out how to pack. B Packing sucks! B The only thing worst then packing was is going to be unpacking!

On Thursday we learned how to change our own locks!

Total savings so far $500. B Why are locksmiths so expensive?

Saturday was moving day where we had help from some cool kids! B Most important object moved?

Why? B Because he’s carrying some very important cargo!

Jack did his part in the packing insanity…

He kept guard of my purses!

After the boys and girl helped us move all our crap from one home to the new home, we took them out for food. B It was the least we could do after all the furniture and misc boxes of stuff we probably don’t really need that they helped us move. B Tony and I wanted to take them somewhere thatB exemplifiesB Malden’s diversity and the growing food “scene.” B We picked outB BIRYANI PARKB .

Biryani Park prides itself on cooking healthy, authentic cuisine prepared with the freshest, top quality, organic ingredients. B According to the Malden Patch, Pramilla Mathews describes the preparations as bhealthy and straight from the heartb. B At first bite you can tell that Pramilla, a Sri Lankan native and her chef, South Indian Veeramuchu Managati have prepared each dish with care and love.B The cuisines of Sri Lanka and Southern India tend to offer food that is gently steamed, rather than cooked in Ghee (clarified butter) found in much of Northern Indian cooking, It is redolent with savory, aromatic spice blends, coconut milk, and often features fresh seafood.B These cuisines are also renowned for their treatment of vegetables; it is a healthful and balanced cuisine. B Great for both full-time, part-time and semiB vegetariansB like me.

When you first walk in you feel like you left Malden and walked into someone’s kitchen in another country. The tables, random pieces of furniture and the TV playing Indian music with a radio playing elsewhere don’t seem like it would go together. B Yet somehow everything works! B We sat down in a round table with a party of 6. B Pramilla came over and asked us if we wanted any of the dishes explained. B We asked a few questions and quickly got to studying the menu. B The options were endless but decisions had to be made!

We ordered a ton of food! B Mango lassis were an immediate start. B It was 4:30 PM and aside from eating donuts (best donuts ever though from Donut Villa) all day and moving, we were starved. B As an appetizer we got the Samosa Chaat.

AB B sweet and spicy chaat made with a delicate mix of samosas, chickpeas, yogurt, mint and tamarind sauce, garnished with our fresh herbs and spices. B We passed this bad boy around a table of 6 people and it worked out pretty good.

For entrees we made a slight mistake. B We ordered too much! B As American diners we’re not used to ordering family style so when we order an entree we expect the portions to be only big enough for 1 person or 1.5 at most. B We did not expect each dish to be able to feed 2-3 people! B Pramilla tried to warn us but I think we were too tired to be smart enough to understand.

Here is an example of one dish we ordered. B It’s a veggie dish with one cabbage curry, one pumpkin curry, lentils, okra, rice, couscous and the chip thing on top. B It was my favorite thing ordered!

Other things ordered include Chicken Vindoloo, Curry Chicken, a meat version of the curry platter and I’m sure a few things I’m forgetting. B No photos because I was too busy stuffing my face but I promise they were just as blog worthy. We did eat family style passing eat plate around the table. B At the end we had enough leftovers to feed 3 people.

OverallB BIRYANI PARKB B was a great experience. B Tony and I plan on returning there to try out more dishes from there extensive menu. B For those interested in price our total came out to approx $20 per person but that’s because we each had a lassi or fresh squeeze juice ($2.99) and an entree. B You can probably ordered in a smarter way with 1 entree for each 2 people and end up with a total of $13-$15 per person and still have some leftovers.

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