The Boston Food Truck Festival Review

Through Yelp Elite I was able to get 2 complimentary VIP tickets to the Boston Food Truck Festival. B The VIP tickets gave me 1 hours head start on the crowd of eating and a goodie bag. B Basically the festival was supposed to be an eating frenzy of almost 30 New England Food Trucks. B Needless to say my taste buds and tummy were excited for days!

Sadly a few things went wrong, it was moving weekend so I missed my VIP hour and did not get to UMASS Boston until 12:30. B Upon getting there it was an hour bottleneck nightmare to park. B You couldn’t even change your mind and just go home because it was a one way road.

Will we ever move?

Once we finally parked it was around 1PM and the lines were getting crazy! B I heard that between Groupon, Travelzoo, & regular tickets over 3,000 tickets were sold for a festival that only had like 25-30 trucks!

Once I got my booklet of tickets I got my game face on and stood on line to Lobsta Love. It was about a 30 minute wait so Tony left me to stand online for brick oven pizza. B Just like road races when it comes to food, each one of us is on our own. B Can’t you tell we’re quite the loving couple!

It’s okay because he gave me his ticket and I scored some Lobster Bisque and Lobster mac & cheese. B The mac & cheese was amazing. B fresh lobster, some herbs and light on creamy cheese!

We found our friends on the Chubby Chickpea line so we gave them our tickets and they got us some hummus and falafal. B It was okay, not my favorite. B I like my humus a little less gritty and more blended. B I didn’t like the falafal at all. B After going to Israel, all falafals have been disappointing ever since.

While my friends stood online to Chubby Chickpea I attempted to get some ribs. B Sadly by 1:30PMB Big Moe’s M&M Ribs B not only ran out of their ribs but also of the Mac n Cheese. B All that was left was BBQ beans. B I passed but I think Tony sort of enjoyed them.B

Next stop we hit up Bon Me. B These people were great! B They had 5 people in the truck with a super fast assembly time. B Total wait time was 15-20 minutes. B Plus they were the most happiest food servers at the whole festival! B We got a cilantro Chicken and BBQ Pork sandwiches. B I too ate half of Tony’s and both were great!

While we zoomed past our line, our friends waited in the Go Fish! truck line. B That was super slow and took 3 times as long. B However, the food was great! B They got us a smoked Cod and Chorizo Slider. B Good stuff!

Tony wasn’t feeling well so I had to eat for two at this food truck stop as well. B Luckily it was pretty darn good and I had no complaints whatsoever.

By 2:30 we were getting ready to go. B I grabbed a watermelon/lemonB ItalianB ice from some truck I forgot. B What I really wanted was an Ice Cream Hoagie from Frozen HoagiesB . B However by then most food trucks ran out of food and everyone was on that line that it went around the whole field and came back out again. B No ice cream is worth a 2 hour wait. B Especially when I can pay to not wait any more. B So we called it quits.

However on my way out I noticed that Grill Cheese Nation had a short line so I stood there for 5 minutes and got something for the road back home.

B Sadly it wasn’t very good. B I mixed them up with Roxy’s grilled cheese from the Food Truck show so I’ll have to B not make that same mistake again.

Overall I think given the crowd insanity, the Food Trucks did a great job. B I do blame the organizers for getting greedy, overpricing their tickets and then having to oversell them on deal sites like Groupon. B I thought the portions were huge and for the most part delicious. B I wish I came earlier to try out a few more trucks but I’ll just have to find them around Boston on another day.

FTFNE made a public response to the anger and frustration that many people felt on Sunday. B You can read it here. B I personally find their response ridiculous. B Instead of admitting maybe they oversold tickets; they seem to be blaming the food trucks. B I don’t think the festival had more than 5,000 people as they claim. B There just wasn’t enough parking and most people drove there. B I also find it odd that they asked each truck to have 1,000 portions when they sold 4,000 tickets. B If its all you can eat that you’re paying for, people will eat more than just 2-3 samples. B Numbers are just not adding up! B Yes, there were a fewB scavengersB gaming the system but for the most part, I saw people with stamps and a booklet looked sad and frustrated.

They also seem to be blaming the people who traded tickets with their friends so they didn’t have to stand on a line twice. B I would haveB preferredB to grab a few samples from the truck and sit down by the water harbor and eat and hang out with my friends. B I did not go to the festival with the intention ofB standingB on separate lines from my friends with their tickets but that’s just what we had to do to maximize how much tasting we could do with all the people there. B Instead most of my eating was done on a line and most of my friend seeing was done in the food/ticket exchange system we got going.

I hope they’ll make some improvements for the rest of the stops on the tour. B If long lines don’t bother you here are the details.

Participating Trucks Include:
Away CafC) B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B Franca’s Wood Fired Pizza
BBQ Smith B B B B B B B B B B B B B B Go Fish!
Big Moe’s M&M Ribs B B B B B B Grilled Cheese Nation
Bite into Maine B B B B B B B B B B B Lefty’s Silver Cart
Bon Me B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B Lobsta Love
Boston Super Dog B B B B B B B Mei Mei Street Kitchen
The Chicken & Rice Guys B Momogoose
Chubby Chickpea B B B B B B B B Rocket Fine Street Food
Cupcake Mojo B B B B B B B B B B B Roxy’s Grilled Cheese
Del’s Lemonade B B B B B B B B B Staff Meal
The Dining Car B B B B B B B B B B Sweet Truck
Emack & Bolio’s B B B B B B B B B Trolley Dogs
Frozen Hoagies B B B B B B B B B B Woodman’s of Essex

* VIP Tickets B B B B B B B B B B B $40/each B (limited quantity, $45 day-of)
* General Admission B B B $30/each ($35 day-of)
* Foodie Four Pack B B B B B $25/each with the purchase of four tickets ($100 for four pack)
* Children 6 -12 B B B B B B B B $10/each
* Children 5 and under B FREE


June 16 b The Charlestown Food Truck Festival at Pier 4, Charlestown, MA
June 30 b The New Hampshire Food Truck Festival at Rockingham Park, Salem, NH
July 14 b The Worcester Food Truck Festival at Elm Park, Worcester, MA
July 28 b The Charles River Food Truck Festival at DCRbs Artesani Herter Park, Brighton, MA
August 25 b The Cape Cod Food Truck Festival at Barnstable Fairgrounds, Falmouth, MA
September 8 b The Lowell Food Truck Festival at the Tsongas Center, Lowell, MA
September 22 b The Suffolk Downs Food Truck Festival, East Boston, MA
September 29 b The Shipyard Food Truck Festival, Hingham (Shipyard), MA
October 6 b The Framingham Food Truck Festival at Shoppers World, Framingham, MA
October 20 b The Newport Food Truck Festival at the Newport Yachting Center, Newport, RI

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