50K Training Week 2 Recap

Monday Run – 12 miles on the hamster wheel – Average Pace? No idea as I quit this 4 times in about 2 hours. B 6 at incline 3, 5 miles at incline 2 and 1 amazing mile at incline 1 for cool down. B All I can say is my endurance is not what it used to be but it felt great to be running for a while

I know Monday is technically week 3 but I wanted to start the post on a positive note before I whined a bit.

I’d like to say I had a great second week of training but things fell apart after Wednesday’s hot run. I had planned to run 48 miles last week. B I had planned a 10 and a 13 milers for Saturday and Sunday and as of Friday I was on track. B However, Saturday I slept in a bit, got my running shoes, my Nuun frozen water bottle and headed out the door. B Miles 1-3 felt great and then suddenly the front of my ankle started to hurt. B By mile 4.5 I was barely running. B By mile 5.5 I was barely walking. B Finally in 6.3 miles I made it back home (I did an in and out 3 mile loop). B And there went the rest of my running weekend.

Sunday – My foot felt fine but after the agonizing pain I felt Saturday but I decided I should be smart and not stubborn. B Therefore, I took a full day off (and maybe a small excuse to do mininum housework.)

Saturday6.3 miles that barely got me home. B I even contemplated calling Tony to pick me up half-way as my mind was freaking out. I was ready to cry and I only wanted to cry one other time on a run in the past year (maybe I’ll share that story one day.)

Friday – A quickie 5 Miles between the Y treadmill and running to the Y & Back. B I stayed on incline 3 and pounded out a few 8 minute miles in between rests. B (Speed hill workout of theB pseudoB kind)

Thursday4.5 easy miles to recover from Wednesday’s run

Wednesday11 miles in the heat outside @ 9:05 pace,B things were looking good!

Tuesday – 2.3 mile sprint on the Treadmill

Monday – 6.1 miles @ 8:51 minute pace on incline 3 during lunch which actually felt comfortable!

Total Miles for Week 2 ~ 35 miles

Although a failed long run weekend, what you don’t do, you can write about instead! B I got three posts in this weekend, some that even had words in them instead of just low quality iphone photos.

How to run in 95 degree weather or just hot weatherb& Part 1 ofB 2

How to run in 95 degree weather or just hot weatherb& Part 2 ofB 2

A weekend of salad makingB

So I guess my weekend wasn’t a complete running waste! B So onto week 3 and trying to attempt to run 48 miles on a week where for half I’ll be away in the Catskill Mountains, NY.

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