If eating McDonald’s Angus Deluxe is wrong I don’t ever want to be right.

10.5 miles elliptical

10 mile run 1:25 8:27 average pace of being hot fun and sweaty!

Thursday turned into a 2 part workout. B The plan, all good things have a plan, was to wake up at 6AM, do an 8 mile run and call it a day. B Well like all good plans this want ended with several snoozes and me being in bed until 7:15 and realizing if I don’t wake up soon I’ll be late for work.

Then I was going to attempt a 6 mile fast run during lunch but once again I failed. B I forgot my sneakers, instead my mind this morning thought I needed two sets of workout clothes instead. B My co-worker let me borrow her sneakers so I caught up with the elliptical instead.

After work I ended up with some extra time as I was waiting for a certain somebody so I looked at the clock, grabbed myB Hand-held BottleB added aB lemonadeB nuun B B (my favorite flavor) and headed out the door. B My run was a mix of 8 and 9 minute miles. B I walked every 2 miles or so to cool off and drink from my bottle. B Even during races I hate running and drinking as the same time. B Either way I eventually ran out of time and cut the run at 10 miles.

Refuel? B This baby.

Sorry fitness bloggers, but sometimes you just really need an Angus Deluxe to test out your arteries!

Also I came home today and I saw a giant box so I thought Tony ordered something fun, instead it was this:

Come on amazon! Stop being so wasteful. B At least Jack has a new toy…

He’s been hard at work lately.

Climbing ladders

Taking a break from all the house fixing he’s been doing.

And how is he fueling for all this work?

I guess Jack, just like his owners loves carbs in bread orB granolaB form!

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