A catch up of running

I didn’t write a recap of week three of training because I have to admit I didn’t get very far after Thursday’s run. B I did reach 33 miles but it was only because I went hard Tuesday and Thursday. B Friday came, no run, Saturday no run, and Sunday still no run. B I did cool things like hike and bike; but I really didn’t have a good excuse for not running Sunday. B Truth was I was scared and lazy. B It was too hot, I was “busy” visiting my family and I really didn’t want to run on a breakdown lane of a highway since upstate NY does not have anywhere for pedestrians.

Yes call me pansy but this city runner is not into it. B I did do some big time gambling. B I won $9 of a penny machine just to lose most of it on scratch lotto tickets afterwards!

I guess I’m not as skilled at Penny Gambling as my parents.

Luckily week 4 of training towards something or other is going better! B At least as far as total miles go! B 47 and I still have a possible “long” run tomorrow. B I have to admit, going past 13 miles hasn’t been achieved yet since the heat started and the skating ring where I get my water has closed down for the season.

Monday 6.1 miles on the treadmill and 7 miles after work. B I wanted to go for 10 after work since I didn’t run for 3 miles but as soon as I hit the pavement in the heat my legs felt dead as I struggled after 3 miles and called it a day after stopping by the house for more water.

Tuesday 6.35 miles on the treadmill, tried to doB speed-workB but I am not at the speed I was in March when things were cooler and breathing was easier. B Since I was going to skip my regular strength class due to plans I decided it was time to dust off my Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zone video.

My trainer on the other hand gave me the stink eye each time I only did half the reps Jillian did and watched Glee Project instead. B I guess he did not approve.

Wednesday was America’s birthday and my anniversary with the Tony. B We celebrated in true Run to Munch fashion by running and munching. B 8.5 miles we slaved away together. B After I went off and did 4.6 more to end at 13.1. B It took two litters of water, lots of rest breaks and an average pace when all was said and done at 10 minute miles. B Not my goal speed but humidity hits me like that and I was still glad to be doing double-digits.

Thursday – 6.1 miles during lunch which felt exceptionally easy & pleasant after running in the hot humid day of Wednesday

Friday – 3.35 quickie before a very special date =)

Saturday – Quick 4.5 miles at the Y followed by a slow walk in the humidity back home..

Now I should probably sleep so I can run long tomorrow and be a productive homeowner and work on fixing the broken windows in the attic.

My life is full of glamour!

One thought on “A catch up of running”

  1. Happy Anniversary. Good luck on your run tomorrow. I don’t like running in non-Pedestrian friendly places either. And everyone needs a break for fun and relaxation, so don’t feel bad at all. 🙂

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