Balancing Life with Running

The past few weeks I’ve been struggling with an identity crisis. Yes, I think I know who I am and what I want for most things but with running I’m still finding my way. B It’s been a little over a year since my running turned from just a way to get my 30 minutes of sweat a day to something a little more complicated.


:B a pursuit outside onebs regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation


:B the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture


:B the quality or state of being addicted
:B compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance

Where do I stand? B I know that it started as a hobby and at some point where all I would do is run, read about running, talk about running or think about running I was on a brink of addiction. B Now a few weeks later where do I stand?

Did I burn out the candle like otherB infatuations? B No, with more time and cooler weather I still love a great long run. B That’s good. B Have I demoted running to a life-style or a hobby? Possibly.

I’m still reading Scott Jurek’s book eat and runB B and still browsing through my collection of Running Times magazines. B However, I am going to stopB prioritizingB each weekend with a 15+ miles. B I am not going to train and most likely not do the Montreal marathon. B Yes I love Montreal and I think there is almost no cooler way to visit then through a marathon but my summer priorities are areB re-characterizingB running as a hobby and not as an addiction.

For me summers are about weekend getaways, rooftop bar nights with friends and day trips in the sunny weather. B If I ran 20 miles that day while I would still have the energy to hang out, I would not want to spend the rest of the day biking. B I don’t enjoy that much strain on my body and trying to figure out how I can sustain my weight and still do everything I love. I want to get faster, I want to run more but I also want to do everything else I love.

Two weeks ago when I went to visit my parents at the Catskills was probably when I decided to quit marathon training this summer. B Had I gotten up to run the 13-15 miles I was supposed to on any of those days I would not have had the time to bike 21 miles or hike 11 miles with people I love. B Yes, I could wake up earlier to get that done before everyone else wakes up but that would turn running into an errand vs. something I just love to do. B I love sleeping in and staying up all night watching bad shows as much as I love running!

Instead of trying to figure out how I can schedule in a 4 hours run I’m going to run when I can in my free time probably more often but in shorter distances. B And yes a 20 miler that took me 3 hours in the winter takes me 4 hours in the summer. B Unless I’m running to stay warm I have no motivation to go fast.

I am also trying for a 5K running streak from July 4th to Labor day so we will see how that goes. B So far I’m good for week 1. B My other summer goals?

1. Long Weekend getaway to Chicago

2. Spending the day in Providence & of course the RnR Providence half marathon

3. Water-Fire in providence

4. Hike up Mount Washington

5. Paint our attic

6. Bike the full Cape Code scenic trail

7. Visit my family and friends in Brooklyn

8. Part of 7, see Coney Island Fireworks on a Friday night

9. Day trips to NewB HampshireB and maybe Maine

10. Work on so I can be self hosted instead of using


What are your summer plans? Goals?

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