Dining at Girl & The Goat

I’ll continue my Chicago recap with my second favorite part of the trip; dining at Girl and the Goat! B After running in Chicago, this was my favorite. B It was a struggle finding space for a reservation as it seems to be booked months in advance. Luckily I had a perfect day for a 4:30 dinner; Monday the day we flew back to Boston. B 97 degrees where all we could do was seek refuge in air conditioned stores and watering holes. B 4:30 couldn’t come soon enough.

Upon entering I wasB surprisedB by how large the space was with open windows and daylight lightening up the room. B After a few minutes, we got seated and our eyes wereB evaluatingB our options…

Tony got himself a cognac, bourbon cocktail while I stuck to beer. B I tried the Salt Lake City Dubhe Imperial Black IPA B which I never had before. It had the taste of mild stout with theB crispnessB and hop of an IPA. B Very fun.

We picked out 6 tapa style plates. B Our first was this tomato bread that they make fresh in theB restaurant with a side of spicy picklesB .

Next was theB bristol bay sockeye tartare withB truffle vinaigrette, summer squash & popiah. I wasn’t sure what popiah is but I assume by the process of deduction it’s the crisp bread on top.

Next came the goat empanadas and I think this was my second favorite out of the 6 plates we got. B I don’t remember exactly what was on it since I didn’t take a picture of the goat part of the menu, but it was delicious.

Next was grilled baby octopus with guanciale, favas, radish andB pistachio-lemon vinaigrette

This was our first time trying octopus. B It was more tender and juicier than calamari and I love it. B I don’t think Tony was into it as much but I traded him some extra from the other plates for more of this dish. B It was my favorite out of the 6.

Next were the scallops with foie gras vinaigrette, klug plums,B sweet onion & brioche crouton.B Scallops are awesome; ’nuff said.

Our final of the 6 plates was the Pig Face… Not quite sure what to expect before it came out.

I let Tony do the honors. Wood over roasted pig face withB sunny side egg, tamarind, cilantro, red wine-maple & potato stix. B Even after eating it I wasn’t sure if I really was eating a Pig’s face. B Well thanks to google I now know that Pig Face is a “gelatinous dish thatbs composed of cleaned pig head, minus the organs.”

Our waitress was perfect. B We told her that we had to leave by 6:15 to head to the airport and she made sure we were paid and all set to leave exactly by then. B However, we just couldn’t help ourselves and ordered a 7th dish. B ZucchiniB bread and maybe a second beer haha.

Overall Stephanie Izard’s Girl & the Goat was one of the finest and unique dining experiences I have had. B I don’t think I have eaten anywhere where I can try such a diverse and yet well prepared set of dishes. B If you live in a cave and are like me who never heard of Stephanie Izard; she’s the only female winner of Top Chef and this is her resturant.

So if you find yourself in Chicago and are going out for one nice meal, try to get in here! B They always have a set of walk-in tables but I’m not too sure how long the wait is. B Luckily, there’s a comfy set of couches and a great bar to wait by.

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