Cleaning out the fridge and cabinets

Total ran – 19.24 Miles

6.13 miles TM at incline 3 at lunch in less than 53 minutes! Avg 8:38 Pace

13.11 miles after work outside 1hr 49 minutes Avg 8:22 Pace

Two great runs today.  It must have been the blondies my roommate made.  Seriously didn’t get hungry even once which is very unlike me.

My evening run had perfect weather except I ran out of sunlight at 10 miles into my run with 3 miles left.  I also freaked myself out and got really upset as well.  Got catcalls by 2 different cars, got honked by 2 different cars, and yelled “run b—-” by some woman in a dinky car.  I’m ashamed that these are the residents that live or drive through my community.  No I wasn’t running on a street, I was running on a trail that hugs the woods with a road on it that I guess just the best type of quality of people drive by.  It’s very unfortunate that I really am apprehensive about running outside.  It’s very unfortunate that me and other women are never safe.  It’s very unfortunate that because I am never safe, I can’t run with headphones or even in silence in the dark.

Anyways back to something positive, my splits from my slightly unsettling run were great.  A little unsteady but for the first 10 miles I kept an 8:10 pace which for me is quick.  I’m never great at pushing myself unless it’s at a race.

Now I need to not die again during my 20 miler this Saturday and I can regain the confidence I need to run a marathon.

Now to food because you need fuel to run and I have nothing else besides my cat to photograph when I don’t travel.  As we got roommates, the size of my fridge and cabinets seem to grow smaller.  Tony and I tend to buy in bulk and then forget we bought 10 boxes of pasta and lentils.  Our favorite thing to do is groan “there’s nothing to eat.” and ignoring are overfilled cabinets.  So this week, I tried to eat mostly out of our current stock with the exception of fresh produce.

Spinach, cauliflower, and shrimp with whole wheat Israeli couscous that’s been in my shelf for months. Simmered in tomato sauce with canned jalapenos.

Pasta with a salmon burger and kale cooked in Italian dressing

Leftover shrimp meat leftover pasta, kale and spinach.  May you be eaten happily ever after.

Do you ever feel unsafe running in your neighborhood? 

24 Hours in Providence, Rhode Island

Today 6.5 miles 56 minutes Treadmill at Incline 2

20 minutes of pretending to do abs

24 Hours in Providence, RI

A week, or maybe two Tony and I went to run a half-marathon. It was also our first time using AirBnB for lodging since we wanted to be within 10 minutes of the starting line and not pay $250 or more that the leftover hotels were charging for the night.  Got a room for $60 with breakfast about 2 miles from the starting line.

We were a little nervous since it was our first time using the program and renting the room but our hosts were perfect.  They were helpful and very welcoming.  It was a room in a beautiful old house.  Being an old house owner, I love seeing how other old houses are renovated and taken care of.

Our first order of business was food.

Dinner at Apsara Restaurant, a Cambodian Thai joint near our lodging hit the spot.  I have no fear when it comes to eating veggies before a race.  I prefer that over pasta which usually puts more strain on body since I have such a slow metabolism.

Our next order of business was WaterFire. WaterFire is simultaneously a “free public art installation, a performance work, an urban festival, a civic ritual and a spiritual communal ceremony.” Downtown Providence is transformed by one hundred bonfires that burn just above the surface of the three rivers that pass through the middle of downtown Providence in Waterplace Park.  The festival occurs every 2-3 weeks in Providence and draws a huge amount of people.  Seriously avoid if you’re claustrophobic because the place is packed!

And if you’re in Boston, you can take a quick Amtrak ride there and be dropped off right in the center of action.  Given the traffic that occurs south of Boston, Amtrak might have been a smarter way to getting to Providence from Boston.

There were these tiles drawn and colored by kids.

I thought about stealing one of these chandeliers for my front hallway but I didn’t think it would fit underneath my coat.

Walking around the Water-Park with the smell of burning wood and music was very relaxing.

These were really cool and pretty too.

If you’re in Boston or Providence area definitely worth a visit once a summer!

On Sunday was of course the race and our AirBnB place gave us a nice fruit and cold cuts breakfast that was free and welcoming after a 13 mile run.

Afterwards we drove a mile or so more south and checked out William Rogers Park which seemed pretty much empty for a Sunday Afternoon.

We walked around slowly relaxing and stretching our post race legs.

After we left the park, I finally got to see Federal Hill.  I’ve been in Providence about 4 times before and have never been here since I usually walk around Thayer St. where Brown University is.  It was okay but kinda reminded me of Any Little Italy, in Any City, USA.

Based on the guys’ we stayed with recommendation I had to stop by Pastiche.  Yummy Italian cookies but I really wanted to buy everything there.

Have you ever been to Providence?  Any recommendations for next time?


The 20 mile run did not break me and weekend eats

So I’ve been pretty quiet for most of Sunday and Monday as I half convinced myself with my Googling MD skills that I somehow broke part of my diaphragm or ab muscle.  I woke up on Monday with still a dull ache and kept on being freaked out.

Luckily I found out during my runch that I am not broken!

I was so happy to have no ab pain that I wanted to sing!

6.1 Miles a little over 53 minutes at Incline 3

Then after work I felt so great that I went to 90 Minutes of Bikram and sweated out a kidney or two.  Actually I didn’t feel that great but I had a Groupon that was expiring this week so I forced myself to use it.

It was okay.  I’m a little paranoid about pulling something so I kept all my stretches conservative and didn’t really test out my limits too far.  Overall muscles felt better and my soreness from the weekend run is almost gone.

Onto other more exciting? things like food!

Why do frozen meals never look as good as the picture on the box?  And always soo salty!

Luckily over the weekend I had a great series of eat that didn’t come nuked.

On Friday I feasted my tummy on Sel Del La Terre. A trendy French gastropub type of place.

The coolest part of the restaurant is this decor that hangs and their french martinis.  The food was well made but they could have used a higher quality of steak.  I definitely struggled with cutting and chewing my meat.

The wine sauce was soo good, I dipped my fries in it!

On Sunday, I took Tony on a lunch date to B&G Oysters, a cute little restaurant in the South End. It was Resturant Week in Boston so a pre-fixed 3 course lunch at Boston’s finest dining establishments are only like $20.

I got brave and ordered Oysters.  Although Tony claimed he hates Oysters and wouldn’t touch one, I have evidence otherwise.

He got one the three course lunch with battered shrimp, perfectly smoked and pan seared Cod and a peach dessert.  Sharing with his favorite of course.

I stayed on the shell fish theme and ordered an app of muscles in garlic tomato sauce.  Life just doesn’t get better.

 Have you eaten anything yummy lately?

Breaking the 20 Miler in the Summer Heat Barrier

Since Thursday while working late I’ve been commenting how I will run 20 miles this weekend.  I will do it.  I will get it done and as a reward I will register for the RnR New Orleans Marathon.  Why that reward?  Because I couldn’t keep signing up for marathons (Montreal, Newport, Philly) without running any more 20 milers since Boston, since April.

So of course in typical fashion when I woke up at 8AM and looked at my phone for time, I decided now is a perfect time to rollover and go back to sleep.  Not like it’s summer and it isn’t going to get stupid hot and sunny in a few hours.

Finally I rolled out of bed and of course my first thought was “fsau! It’s hottt!  I thought Iphone Weather app said it will be 60s.”  Stupid Ap, stupid IPhone.  Hate you all.

By the time I started my it was around 10:30.

I started my run slow around 8:50 pace because I knew I had a lot of miles ahead of me and my legs felt rusty.  It was hot, I took half a liter bottle filled with Nuun and water.  I was planning on making a water bottle refill trip home around mile 10 but… well lets start again.

Mile 1-3: shake out miles, a little sleepy and a slow incline up to the woodsy road I run on.

Mile 4-8: I felt great, a little thirsty but I sipped from my bottle here and there.  Was starting to get into the run and was hitting sub 8:30s at a comfortable pace

Mile 9-12 I felt so great mile 4-8 that instead of taking the two miles back to loop by the house and refill my water, I decided to make a second loop around my woodys road.  STUPID STUPID STUPID.  I got thirsty and my water was running out.  I slowed my pace to slow down my thirst and still felt okay.

Mile 13-14 The side stitches of pain came on.  It’s okay, just walk it out, only a little over 2 miles from home on a down hill.

Made it home, refilled my water bottle, legs felt great so I thought I was good to go for the other 6 miles, maybe even at a sub 9 mile average pace even with my short detour?  I had hopes, I had dreams!

Mile 15: nope this is not good, can’t move as the pain in my side is killing me and now my tummy hurts, so I round out back to my house for another 10 minute break.

Mile 16: let’s try this again on a flatter path… okay not so bad… wait a minute I have a Y membership until the end of the month.  Why am I still suffering in the heat?  Make a turn and jog to the Y.

Mile 17-19:– Ahhh much better!  Getting tired, but the AC feels devine.  Did 2.5 miles in an 8:30 pace.  And left my last half mile for the job back home.

Mile 20: this sucks, does it count as 20 if I walk the last mile?  Come on run walk run walk, 13 minutes a mile pace?  Ouch! But it’s done.  I’m home… I’m done!!!

So now that I’m done with the second longest (time-wise) run of my life (first being Boston Marathon this year) I have some time to consult Dr. Google about what went wrong.

Anyways, DR. Google or How Stuff Works told me a few things I think I did wrong.

1. Weak Core – It’s true, I’ve been lazying, getting up at 7:11 instead of 7:00 AM when I did my 6 minutes of planking exercises.  I need to be better!  11 extra minutes of sleep are not worth the pain I felt on this run.

2. Shallow breathing – I was trying to conserve energy due to lack of water and probably didn’t breath as deep as I usually do in my panting manner.

“According to America’s Council of Exercise, a stitch is likely caused by the jarring and stretching of ligaments at the point where the diaphragm meets the stomach. Once a stitch develops, there is little you can do to stop it until you have had some time to rest”

Does this basically means that once it starts I’m screwed and should just give up then?

What I’m reading is no… I should have tried taking deeper breaths to ease the pressure on my diaphragm.     Either way, whatever I did, was wrong because it still hurts today!

Have you ever dealt with side cramps? What worked for you?

Yelp Elite at Sweet Caroline & Cats In Sinks

I lied, no rest day today yesterday Wednesday (that’s how long this has been sitting in drafts) instead it was rescheduled for today due to work.  Nonetheless my legs felt fresh and I got a relatively comfortable 6.5 miles at 8:30 pace on Incline 2.

Earlier this week Tony and I went to a Yelp Elite event at Sweet Carolines, sports bar.  I usually avoid most sports bars like the plague but I mixed up the bar with Sweet Cheeks, a BBQ place down the street.  My mistake turned out to be in my favor as the event was great. And truth be told I don’t think I ever regretted attending a Yelp Elite or regular event.  The Boston team does such a great job!

We started with some beverages for the hot weather.  A melon mojito for her and a lemonchello drink for him.

Then came the end supply of “sliders.” They say sliders I say giant beef and bacon sandwiches.  As huge as they were my tiny boyfriend took down 4 of them.  Gosh not only can he run half marathons without a training run, but calories to him are like water to me.

The mint mojitos were so good we had to get more.  We also picked up these shots of gazpacho – sweet and spice.

Cheers! The spicy one was the best.  i highly recommend trying it if you go there to dine.  Other treats included CEVICHE NACHOS! rangoons and spring rolls but if you know my obsession with ceviche after traveling Peru you can tell what I’m returning for.

On a sidenote, I think Jack is secretly trying to go professional on  He’s been pulling all the moves lately!

He’s totally into this porcelain!

Post RnR Prov Half Marathon Recovery

It’s been two days and I have to say the amount of soreness and pain I have post race is very minimum or at least compared to my other races.    However, I know I am tired.  How can I tell?  My runch runs have no been feeling as easy as they  should.

On Sunday before bed I reacquainted with Foamy.  I’m sorry Foamy for neglecting you the past few weeks.  I’ve been feeling too good and only come to you in troubled times.  However, on Sunday I decided to be preventive!

On Monday I did a recovery run after work because sitting for 8 hours a day after an intense burst of exercise is probably the worst thing for your body. It went okay since the plan was to run only 3.2 miles at incline 2.  Finished in about 27 minutes for 8:26 pace. Also more foam rolling at night.

To day, Tuesday I got more serious and went for a longer run.  6 miles at incline 2 in a little less than 52 minutes.  It felt harder than it should have and that’s how I can tell my body needs a rest.  Hopefully a day off well help my get some bounce bag into my legs because I’m going to attempt a 20 miler this weekend.  Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself but so far the weather looks good! And I will be foam rolling some more tonight.

Also RnR Providence was really fast in getting their race photos up! 

Come on running brands, doesn’t this look like a face you want to sponsor.  I would totally whore out my running for free races =) Also this is my first race photo where my eyes don’t look closed.

I had my game face on but the woman next to me really had her game face on!

How do you recover after a half marathon?

Rock N Roll Providence Half Marathon Race Recap

I wanted to post a recap before my hectic workweek started so please don’t get too offended at the typos and lack of gratuitous photos of me and Tony.  

What a crazy stressful but exciting 24 hours!  Finally back in Boston and this is how I feel:

The Rock N Rock Providence Half Marathon took place in Providence Rhode Island on August 19th.  It started at a sweet time of 7AM.  I think the cost ranged from $65-$125.

The expo – I can’t write a review because I missed it by 2 minutes! Yup this is part of the stressful 24 hours.  We left Boston at 3PM and planned to get there at 4PM to pick up our numbers but traffic was crazy!  After crawling 10 miles in an hour we got moving.  Even with kinda legal speeding we made it there by 5:02! Yes, two minutes late and they would not let me pick up our bibs.  While being stuck in gridlock traffic I might have had a semi crying breakdown.  It’s not the end of the world to miss a race but I was looking forward to it for a few weeks now!  Anyways luckily some of my awesome dailymile friends assured me that I could get the bibs before the race at the solutions tent.  And seriously if you’re picking up numbers for a RnR race, don’t ever run late.  Those people literally slammed the door in my pace and said no to me as I was clawing at the door at 5:02PM.

The Course & My Experience – I thought the course was killer.  I haven’t been running at the treadmill as often as I used to and instead have been taking my runs to the streets but more on the crazy hills later

Anyways from the start.  Set my alarm to 5:40, made it out of the b&b by 6AM.  Got to the race area by 6:10.  I left the car while Tony looked for parking and searched out the “solutions tent”  which was all the away across the park.  So I jogged to the tent.  Tried to grab mine and Tony’s number and even though I had his ID and signed life waiver, they still would not give me his bib!  Freak out a bit, called him and freaked out some more for him but hey at least I got my bib.

Luckily he saw meter parking and didn’t deal with the mall parking which takes like half an hour to do.  I got my race shirt (which is actually really cute and girly and Tony is totally thrilled to rock it on all his runs now).  Since I had crackers and a jacket and swag bag, I needed to check my bag.  Bag check was all the way once again across the park where I started.  Jogged there and it took like 1 second so that was easy except I realized I forgot my headphones!  So here I am running my first race without music, or runkeeper to pace me.

Then my epic potty journey started!  (P.S. I’m starting the movement where runners talk about their potty needs just as often as they talk about about their injuries).

While running back and forth across the field of the park. I found a runner’s refreshment area that I never knew existed at RnR races.  They had bananas, oranges, mini bagels and water!  I chugged a bottle of water since I don’t really think I hydrated well the past 24 hours which of course just ended in me needing a potty right after I got into my corral which were of course was across the damn park.

Crap, the portapotty line did not move.  I waited on it for 15 minutes with little movement and gave up and thought maybe I can hold it in.  Ran back across the park and got back into corral 1 when my stomach was like nope you should go find a potty. So I jumped out of the corral for the second time and was thinking maybe I could sneak into the elite/staff portapotty by the start of the line but then I saw the bus terminal and went in there. It was 6:54 and I had 6 minutes to gun time so I was getting antsy. Plus I told Tony I would meet him in corral 1 even though he joked that the bag check was probably the last time we’ll see each other during the race.  The bus station potty aside from being next to the starting line was clean and only had a 10 minute line (which is much better than the 25 the other porta ones outside where taking.)

By the time I got back into the starting line corral 4 was starting so I jumped to the front of the line.  Mile 1 was easy enough.  The crisp morning air felt nice on my race and I ran forward at some stupid crazy speed. By mile 2 I caught up to corral 3 which started 3 minutes before us and even found Tony.  I told him my epic tale before we parted ways again.

After mile 3 the hills started and I was like this isn’t too bad… I’m doing okay.  I can run without headphones.. one there’s a guy sounding like he’s about to die right next to me… I should not stare, should not stare.  Then mile 4 & 5 came and I thought my legs were going to die.  I suddenly regretted not running Tony’s hilly route more often and opting for my easy normal trail instead.  I cursed Providence and all the cute houses I ran by.

Mile 6-8 I’m not too sure what happened, but I think I spaced out.  There was a big down hill which was pretty enjoyable.  I don’t remember anything too scenic or visually stimulating until about mile 8.  Luckily the bands throughout the course were pretty enjoyable so I rocked out to them in my half delirious sleep deprived stressed out state.  Did I mention that I decided it was a good idea to not grab water until past mile 8. Yup I’m clearly a master at racing strategy.  I didn’t feel thirst until around mile 6 where no water was to be found for the next 2 miles.  Mile 8 was also along the waterfront of a park which I enjoyed!  I really enjoy all the miles in the park to be honest, maybe because they were mostly downhill.

Mile 9 had another hill and I cried a little inside.  Luckily it ended much faster than the hills in the first 5 miles.  Mile 10-13 were I think in circles around the same area where mile 1 was.  We ran out at mile 10 and I saw mile 12 marker on the other side where faster runners were making their way.  I told myself I just have to make it through this loop and I’ll be almost done with 1 mile to go.  I ran and ran and mile 11 marker seemed like it took FOREVER!  However one good thing about running without a phone was that I had no concept of time.  Usually when I get tired I tell myself run 5 minutes and walk a bit.  Since I had no idea what 5 minutes was I told myself I can’t stop until I reached the mile marker so I hustled forward.  Mile 12 marker seemed to pop up surprisingly fast and it was at that moment that my legs started to feel dead.  Since I had no phone to do my walk run routine I just told myself to keep running no matter what, no matter how slow it felt.

Finally the 13 mile marker came and just saw you don’t get too comfortable, you get to finish your last .1 miles up a steep climb through the finish line.

Per the website, the elevation looked liked this:

These always look a lot easier on a computer than on my legs as I run.

The Course Support

The support seemed awesome.  They had cute cheerleaders/boosters,, some locals and friends cheering, and some cool bands along the course.  I do think they could have used a few bit more water stations especially in the second half of the race when the sun came out and it was getting hot.  I only saw water every 2.5 miles or so it seemed.  They also had Gu at mile 8 which I think is nice of the race to provide since no other half marathon besides RnR ones that I ran did that.  However, I was too thirsty to use it and too lazy to open it.

The Swag, Medal and Post Race Refreshments

The swag in the bag was a bunch of fliers for RnR, some energy bean sample, a Gu and TUNA?!  Super weird but I’ll try it.

The shirt was nice and metals as usual are huge and heavy!  It’s more of a self defense weapon than a metal. The food post race was a little bare for my taste for the lofty race fee . They had bananas, oranges,those marathon bars, water, Gatorade, milk and popsicles! Its not as cool as clam chowdah and pizza at smaller races but food is food.  Either way I took a popsicle and refueled with my late night 7/11 purchase.

Yes it’s perfectly normal to eat a rice crispie treat the size of your forearm.

I didn’t get a chance to stick around for the concert afterwards but I did hear it was a rocking good time.

 Also, Michelob Ultra was a sponsor so everyone after the race had one drink..  However, you know what’s the one thing I don’t want at 8:40 AM in the morning?  Light Beer! Wish I could have used it in the PM instead =)

The Results and Finally Thoughts

This guy got a PR!

1:47:45 and if you want to be more angry?  His training consists of running about 10 miles a week or so!  And no he doesn’t cross train or do anything else.  Yes, I’m jealous.

That’s okay because I still beat him

And although it’s not a PR and I kinda wish I ran faster, I’m still okay with my results considering I didn’t taper and ran 45 miles before the race since Monday.

Overall, the race was very well-organized and any major bumps I had were not a result of the competitor group but were instead my personal situations.  I would recommend running the race again next year!

Best Podcasts for Short Runs

Evening Jog 6.6 miles 56 minutes – took it easy on the legs for Sunday’s race. Cooler weather felt nice, rumbling in my stomach did not!  That might be why I usually prefer a lunch time run to evening but a run done is a run done!

I often talk about how awesome podcasts are for those long runs but I got an email asking me if I have any recommendations for those 15-20 minute jogs or sprints.  Well actually I do!  I subscribe to all of these via the InstaCast app on Iphone.  Seriously for someone who almost never runs to music I always have my headphones on.  Proof:

All of these podcasts are always 15-20 minutes long

1. Moth Podcast – Biographical funny, interesting and just silly stories told in front of a life audience  and through your headphones

2. RunCast – 15-20 minutes on different running topics for your daily dose of being running obsessed

3. Stuff You Missed in History Class – From scary ghosts to shipwrecks to brave heroines and other random tidbits of history that you might not learned in school

4. NPR Planet Money – Money makes the world go round and this podcast covers it all, from what it takes to be a summer hit song to why taxpayers pay farmer’s insurance

5. Ted Talks Audio Podcast – Another wide range of topics that always make me think!

What are your favorite Sub 20 minute podcasts? 

Cavities = Rest Days

Total Miles – 14

6.5 TM in 54 minutes – 8:21 Pace Incline 2 – RUNCH

7.5 outside 67 minutes – 8:58 Pace – Post Work

Wanted to run faster after work but the humid air really made me work to suck some air in.  Also ran without a water bottle and got a bit thirsty but still happy it’s done.

Getting excited for Providence, well with the exception of this forecast

Dear weather gods, I got water fire to see and miles to run and I need to have my hair look good for both so please don’t rain or be humid or any of that “icky” stuff.

After 20 miles on Monday… Tuesday was a rest day but not because I was tired or sore or busy but because I got drugged for 5 hours with Novocaine.  I had to get a filling (I swear I’ll never touch another M&M again) and you know how after you leave all traumatized by the sound of the drill and they tell you that you should be good in an hour?  Well first my face was so numb almost up to my eyeball!  Then I waited an hour… still numb past my nose… waited another hour as I got dizzy with hunger… waited 2 more hours… I’m ready to eat my own face except I was afraid of breaking my mouth since it was still completely numb.  Finally 5 hours later past 6PM I stopped feeling drugged and was able to eat/slurp some food.  I rejoiced and squealed with joy as I was getting delirious.  Marathon runners don’t do too well when they can’t eat for more than an hour… Try 9 hours (Last time I ate was 9AM) and we’re ready to kill someone..

Rest of the week plan is 11 miles before Sunday’s race and some more prays for rain to go away.  Last year I hear it poured like crazy, so lets not make this into a pattern Providence!

And I’m working on a few fun posts, but have been too drained with my day job, running and hot weather.  Hopefully once things cool off I can write something a little exciting then how much I hate summer running =).

Trying to Find Speed

My Sunday long run looked a little like this:

Luckily, I made things sort of better today.  I ran 20 miles in two parts.  If you watch my daily mile, it looks more like I’m training for a relay instead of marathon.

6.1 miles for runch at 3 incline in 52:45

14 miles outside at average pace of 9 minutes for total of 2:06

Total 20 miles and sub 3 hours

I felt like I should go faster, but for the whole run I really did not feel like running.  I wanted to go back to laying on the couch.  Luckily I listened to a few inspiring interviews through the competitor group podcast.  My favorite of the 3 interviews that I listened to today was with Jamie Whitmore.  “Jamie Whitmore has won more XTERRA events than any pro athlete in history. She now runs with crutches and rides the mountain bike basically with one leg. “Life doesn’t stop just because it changes,” Whitmore insists. “We can cry about how things are, or we can keep moving forward. I choose to move forward.”Download and listen next time you don’t feel like putting one leg in front of the other.

I did have some speedy runs the week before.  My favorite day was Thursday!

I did two runs.  First one was 6.5 miles in 54 minutes at incline 2 for a 8:13 pace.  To me based on my recent runs and grunts was fast.  Second run was after work.  I left the house without headphones because I thought I was going to run with Tony;, however, after I told him I was doing 7.5 miles he left me and ran the other way.  Whatever, so I sprinted forward!  I finished 7.5 miles in 1 hour for a 8:04 pace.  I hit a few 7:30 miles but started to slow down as I got thirsty.  However, I didn’t bring any water with me so I whimpered and sucked it up as I ran my way home with my tongue hanging out of my mouth.  I think my body was happy to not be dragging a liter of water on me and rewarded me with speed.

I seriously can’t wait to get back to cooler, fall running, hopefully with less water carrying.  This muggy, hot summer running ain’t for this gal.

I expected Friday to be a crap run with the luck I had on Thursday but I surprised myself.  I did 10 miles on the old treadmill at work.  I think I missed my hours spent with it.  7 miles at  incline 3 and 3 miles at incline 2 for a total of 10 miles in 89 minutes or 8:51 pace.

Saturday I planned for a rest day with an 18 miles on Sunday… well you know how those 18 miles went in my nap.  Well actually I tried, I got dressed, warmed up, ran 2.5 miles before it absolutely poured on me!  At that point I tried to pretend my hands are waterproof cover my phone and dragged my soaked butt home.

That concluded my last week at 47 miles instead of 60 I had planned.  I was going to do 45 miles this week as a cut back but new plan is back to 60 miles due to today’s make up miles.  45 by Thursday.  Hopefully the next 25 miles of the week go at a slighter faster pace then today.  Today was about distance, tomorrow and onward will be about speed.

Rest Friday/Saturday and race Sunday at the RnR Providence half.  I’m not tapering too hard since I don’t expect a PR with the weather.  As Bill Rogers says, it all about fun!