Trying to Find Speed

My Sunday long run looked a little like this:

Luckily, I made things sort of better today.  I ran 20 miles in two parts.  If you watch my daily mile, it looks more like I’m training for a relay instead of marathon.

6.1 miles for runch at 3 incline in 52:45

14 miles outside at average pace of 9 minutes for total of 2:06

Total 20 miles and sub 3 hours

I felt like I should go faster, but for the whole run I really did not feel like running.  I wanted to go back to laying on the couch.  Luckily I listened to a few inspiring interviews through the competitor group podcast.  My favorite of the 3 interviews that I listened to today was with Jamie Whitmore.  “Jamie Whitmore has won more XTERRA events than any pro athlete in history. She now runs with crutches and rides the mountain bike basically with one leg. “Life doesn’t stop just because it changes,” Whitmore insists. “We can cry about how things are, or we can keep moving forward. I choose to move forward.”Download and listen next time you don’t feel like putting one leg in front of the other.

I did have some speedy runs the week before.  My favorite day was Thursday!

I did two runs.  First one was 6.5 miles in 54 minutes at incline 2 for a 8:13 pace.  To me based on my recent runs and grunts was fast.  Second run was after work.  I left the house without headphones because I thought I was going to run with Tony;, however, after I told him I was doing 7.5 miles he left me and ran the other way.  Whatever, so I sprinted forward!  I finished 7.5 miles in 1 hour for a 8:04 pace.  I hit a few 7:30 miles but started to slow down as I got thirsty.  However, I didn’t bring any water with me so I whimpered and sucked it up as I ran my way home with my tongue hanging out of my mouth.  I think my body was happy to not be dragging a liter of water on me and rewarded me with speed.

I seriously can’t wait to get back to cooler, fall running, hopefully with less water carrying.  This muggy, hot summer running ain’t for this gal.

I expected Friday to be a crap run with the luck I had on Thursday but I surprised myself.  I did 10 miles on the old treadmill at work.  I think I missed my hours spent with it.  7 miles at  incline 3 and 3 miles at incline 2 for a total of 10 miles in 89 minutes or 8:51 pace.

Saturday I planned for a rest day with an 18 miles on Sunday… well you know how those 18 miles went in my nap.  Well actually I tried, I got dressed, warmed up, ran 2.5 miles before it absolutely poured on me!  At that point I tried to pretend my hands are waterproof cover my phone and dragged my soaked butt home.

That concluded my last week at 47 miles instead of 60 I had planned.  I was going to do 45 miles this week as a cut back but new plan is back to 60 miles due to today’s make up miles.  45 by Thursday.  Hopefully the next 25 miles of the week go at a slighter faster pace then today.  Today was about distance, tomorrow and onward will be about speed.

Rest Friday/Saturday and race Sunday at the RnR Providence half.  I’m not tapering too hard since I don’t expect a PR with the weather.  As Bill Rogers says, it all about fun!

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