Yelp Elite at Sweet Caroline & Cats In Sinks

I lied, no rest day today yesterday Wednesday (that’s how long this has been sitting in drafts) instead it was rescheduled for today due to work.  Nonetheless my legs felt fresh and I got a relatively comfortable 6.5 miles at 8:30 pace on Incline 2.

Earlier this week Tony and I went to a Yelp Elite event at Sweet Carolines, sports bar.  I usually avoid most sports bars like the plague but I mixed up the bar with Sweet Cheeks, a BBQ place down the street.  My mistake turned out to be in my favor as the event was great. And truth be told I don’t think I ever regretted attending a Yelp Elite or regular event.  The Boston team does such a great job!

We started with some beverages for the hot weather.  A melon mojito for her and a lemonchello drink for him.

Then came the end supply of “sliders.” They say sliders I say giant beef and bacon sandwiches.  As huge as they were my tiny boyfriend took down 4 of them.  Gosh not only can he run half marathons without a training run, but calories to him are like water to me.

The mint mojitos were so good we had to get more.  We also picked up these shots of gazpacho – sweet and spice.

Cheers! The spicy one was the best.  i highly recommend trying it if you go there to dine.  Other treats included CEVICHE NACHOS! rangoons and spring rolls but if you know my obsession with ceviche after traveling Peru you can tell what I’m returning for.

On a sidenote, I think Jack is secretly trying to go professional on  He’s been pulling all the moves lately!

He’s totally into this porcelain!

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