The 20 mile run did not break me and weekend eats

So I’ve been pretty quiet for most of Sunday and Monday as I half convinced myself with my Googling MD skills that I somehow broke part of my diaphragm or ab muscle.  I woke up on Monday with still a dull ache and kept on being freaked out.

Luckily I found out during my runch that I am not broken!

I was so happy to have no ab pain that I wanted to sing!

6.1 Miles a little over 53 minutes at Incline 3

Then after work I felt so great that I went to 90 Minutes of Bikram and sweated out a kidney or two.  Actually I didn’t feel that great but I had a Groupon that was expiring this week so I forced myself to use it.

It was okay.  I’m a little paranoid about pulling something so I kept all my stretches conservative and didn’t really test out my limits too far.  Overall muscles felt better and my soreness from the weekend run is almost gone.

Onto other more exciting? things like food!

Why do frozen meals never look as good as the picture on the box?  And always soo salty!

Luckily over the weekend I had a great series of eat that didn’t come nuked.

On Friday I feasted my tummy on Sel Del La Terre. A trendy French gastropub type of place.

The coolest part of the restaurant is this decor that hangs and their french martinis.  The food was well made but they could have used a higher quality of steak.  I definitely struggled with cutting and chewing my meat.

The wine sauce was soo good, I dipped my fries in it!

On Sunday, I took Tony on a lunch date to B&G Oysters, a cute little restaurant in the South End. It was Resturant Week in Boston so a pre-fixed 3 course lunch at Boston’s finest dining establishments are only like $20.

I got brave and ordered Oysters.  Although Tony claimed he hates Oysters and wouldn’t touch one, I have evidence otherwise.

He got one the three course lunch with battered shrimp, perfectly smoked and pan seared Cod and a peach dessert.  Sharing with his favorite of course.

I stayed on the shell fish theme and ordered an app of muscles in garlic tomato sauce.  Life just doesn’t get better.

 Have you eaten anything yummy lately?

2 thoughts on “The 20 mile run did not break me and weekend eats”

  1. What a fun weekend (except the broken diaphragm part!). Boston is such a great city–lucky you!

    I actually had a fantastic dinner out Sat. Pumpkin ravioli, a favorite!

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