24 Hours in Providence, Rhode Island

Today 6.5 miles 56 minutes Treadmill at Incline 2

20 minutes of pretending to do abs

24 Hours in Providence, RI

A week, or maybe two Tony and I went to Providence.to run a half-marathon. It was also our first time using AirBnB for lodging since we wanted to be within 10 minutes of the starting line and not pay $250 or more that the leftover hotels were charging for the night.  Got a room for $60 with breakfast about 2 miles from the starting line.

We were a little nervous since it was our first time using the program and renting the room but our hosts were perfect.  They were helpful and very welcoming.  It was a room in a beautiful old house.  Being an old house owner, I love seeing how other old houses are renovated and taken care of.

Our first order of business was food.

Dinner at Apsara Restaurant, a Cambodian Thai joint near our lodging hit the spot.  I have no fear when it comes to eating veggies before a race.  I prefer that over pasta which usually puts more strain on body since I have such a slow metabolism.

Our next order of business was WaterFire. WaterFire is simultaneously a “free public art installation, a performance work, an urban festival, a civic ritual and a spiritual communal ceremony.” Downtown Providence is transformed by one hundred bonfires that burn just above the surface of the three rivers that pass through the middle of downtown Providence in Waterplace Park.  The festival occurs every 2-3 weeks in Providence and draws a huge amount of people.  Seriously avoid if you’re claustrophobic because the place is packed!

And if you’re in Boston, you can take a quick Amtrak ride there and be dropped off right in the center of action.  Given the traffic that occurs south of Boston, Amtrak might have been a smarter way to getting to Providence from Boston.

There were these tiles drawn and colored by kids.

I thought about stealing one of these chandeliers for my front hallway but I didn’t think it would fit underneath my coat.

Walking around the Water-Park with the smell of burning wood and music was very relaxing.

These were really cool and pretty too.

If you’re in Boston or Providence area definitely worth a visit once a summer!

On Sunday was of course the race and our AirBnB place gave us a nice fruit and cold cuts breakfast that was free and welcoming after a 13 mile run.

Afterwards we drove a mile or so more south and checked out William Rogers Park which seemed pretty much empty for a Sunday Afternoon.

We walked around slowly relaxing and stretching our post race legs.

After we left the park, I finally got to see Federal Hill.  I’ve been in Providence about 4 times before and have never been here since I usually walk around Thayer St. where Brown University is.  It was okay but kinda reminded me of Any Little Italy, in Any City, USA.

Based on the guys’ we stayed with recommendation I had to stop by Pastiche.  Yummy Italian cookies but I really wanted to buy everything there.

Have you ever been to Providence?  Any recommendations for next time?


6 thoughts on “24 Hours in Providence, Rhode Island”

  1. So… your blog must have been deleted off my blog list, because it stopped showing up!!! (And that’s why I haven’t commented in a while) I’m putting you back on!! Glad you had found in Providence. From my experience, RW park is always that deserted.

    1. It might be because I changed the URL? Yours is saving it’s invite only?

      Providence is always a bit weird in how drastic the nice and the “sketchy” areas seem to be right across the street.

      The park was pretty and with the exception of an annoying duckboat quacking, it’s a shame more people don’t enjoy it. I LOVED whatever the park was that we ran through for the race.

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