Pawtuckaway State Park Hike

Friday – No run, this humidity is affecting my sleep now (yay insomnia) so my mind and body needed a break.  Plus I realized that with my 11 mile hike last Sunday, I haven’t taken a rest day in 10 days or so.

New Hampshire Hike

So about that hike that I left out in my Hampton, NH post.. It took place about 30 minutes more north at Pawtuckaway State Park..  The Pawtuckaway Mountains are a small, rocky, circular range that form the outline of an ancient volcanic dating from 130—110 million years ago.  Pretty exciting.  Most of the hiking from what we did seems to range from easy to moderate skill level with varying lengths that you can pick.  Although we did about 11 miles that day, most of it was not very technical, just long.

Well it started as what should have been a short day hike.  Here are two of my companions.

They still look happy…

Almost there to our first point of interest.

Part one was a 3 mile hike up to the watchtower

The view was amazing!

Hello world below us

Taking a break, yup there’s cell signal.  Afterwards we had a 1.5 extra mile to round pound.

It was cloudy when we started but the sky was clearing up.

Which seemed like a perfect place for lunch. I stopped by the store and picked up bread, peanut butter and jelly.  All my essential food items.  Yes, all sandwiches should come with 5 servings of strawberry jam.

Some trail mix with cheese crackers were enjoyed as well.

After we ate, it seemed like a good idea for me to try to push my loving boyfriend into the pond.  Anna and Khemara wanted nothing to do with us.

Since we wanted to avoid hiking up the watchtower mountain again, we took a longer route around the mountain instead.

We passed by the infamous boulder field

Realizing that the longer flatter path is a little more boring and longer than we thought.

Nonetheless we made it back to the car before the sunset so everything was a success.  If you’re in the area, I definitely suggestion coming out to Pawtuckaway for a hike.  Better yet since the trails seem wide and fairly flat I think it would be a great place for trail running.  At least as easy as trail running in New England gets.

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