A Great Long Run

Monday – No Run, Bikram 90 minutes

Sunday – 21.2 3 hours 9 minutes sub 9 minute pace

When you have a horrible run there is plenty to write about.  Each mile feels like an epic battle with a story to tell.  However, when you have a great long run, what do you write?  I felt good, I ran and ran and then I stopped?

That is the case for my Sunday run.  I can’t say it was perfect but it went well.

Fuel – Peanut Butter with toast and a cookie with black tea

Water – I decided to not run with a water bottle and made a stop by the house instead for some water and OJ

The mile breakdown

Miles 1-15 – Honestly flew by.  My legs felt fresh and crisp and I kept expecting to hit a wall but I just kept going.  Listened to Run Run Live podcast and then mostly music on shuffle. I was running at about 8:30 pace here.

Mile 16 – I got thirsty and looped back to my house for intermission of 5 minutes of so. Chatted, washed my face, etc.

Mile 17-21 – I was getting tired but I can’t say I was feel too bad.  My pace slowed down to about 9:10 with running and some walking mixed into the end but I really can’t say anything horrible about these miles either.

Why my run went great?

WEATHER, WEATHER, WEATHER.  Seriously, most runners who woke up before noon will tell you that Sunday morning weather was a gift from running gods.  It was about 65, cloudy and the air was crisp.  I skipped the run on Saturday in exchange for the cool temperature on Sunday.

I woke up early and started early.  Well early for me.  I woke up at 8:30 and left the house around 9:20 which is much better than my historical weekend runs of 10:45 start.

I was rested.  Due to some insomnia related to the heat and humidity I took Friday off.  Saturday i skipped since my parents were in town and it was hot and muggy.  When I saw the forecast for Sunday, I knew it was better to miss out on some miles and so the long run the next day.  Two rest days before a long run definitely put an extra kick in my skip.

I’m getting used to 20 milers.  This is my 3rd out of the 4 I will be doing before the Montreal marathon  This is my first race where due to time and weather I haven’t trained up to the distance (in this case 26 miles) and I’m curious if the results will be similar to my other marathon where I trained up to 27 miles.


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