24 Hours in the Cape

Today’s run on the treadmill: 6.5 miles 52:47 at incline 2 during lunch for 8:07 pace

A day at Cape Cod

As mentioned before we had a wedding at the Cape this weekend and decided to spend a little bit of Sunday exploring. We stayed at the Blue Dolphin Inn which was a very basic low budget motel.  But worry not because low budget motels will still cost plenty at the Cape because your only other option for shelter is your car.

Anyways although a ton of food was consumed at the wedding we still woke up starving!  I blame the 22 miler from the day before and I don’t know what Tony’s excuse is.  Anyways after much debate and search of Yelp, we picked Brewster Coffee Shop, a perky local favorite brunch spot.

I usually am a boring brunch girl with either an egg white veggie omelette or pancakes but today I wanted something extra greasy.  So I ordered the eggs benedict with corn beef hash.  It was soo good.

 Tony got the Western Omelette

And then we shared because the only thing better than a brunch, is 2 brunch dishes!

I’ve been begging Tony to take me biking at the Cape for weeks and no such luck.  Since we didn’t have our bikes and less than two hours of free time, we decided to walk some of the Cape Code National Seashore.

Our first nature walk was the Nauset Marsh Trail along some wetlands with little fishes about 1.2 miles or so round trip.

 The second trail was Fort Hill trail with a nice overlook and an easy 1 mile loop.

As for the wedding?  It was beautiful!  But I will refrain from exposing my friends all over the interwebs without their permission.  Instead I will share the cutest cake top ever!

You can bet if I ever have a wedding Mr. Meower will be our flower boy.

I clean up well even if I do look a little tired after being up for 22 miles on my feet and then 4 hours in 4 inch heels.

And a food picture because there’s nothing better than a filet mignon and swordfish steak after some Cape Cod Clam Chowder.

I’ve been a part of some very tasty weddings this summer!

Have you ever been to Cape Cod?  Which part?  Have you ever bike the Cape Cod Rail Trail?

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