Nothing is more amazing than Frozen Hoagies!

It doesn’t matter that it was cold and raining and I am probably a month behind on sleep because this my friends is art… beautiful art.

Boston Local Food Festival

No, not the frizz ball I call my hair but the pumpkin ice cream sandwiched in between to chocolate chip cookies from Frozen Hoagies Food Truck at the Boston Local food festival.  It didn’t matter that I spent most of Sunday at the office working because at the end of the day I walked away with this baby thanks to Tony!

Other great purchases included artisan sour dough bread and fresh local mozzarella.  Yes I believe I can live quite the happy lifestyle of cheese bread and ice cream.

Running Race Frustration and Taking a Step Back

I’ve been lacking in blog updates because my life has been lacking in running, dining and fun outside my office.  It’s not horrible but it’s been busy.  Luckily, my busy period will be over in a week!  But September/October have not been my best training months.

On Saturday I was going to run 20 miles but after kicking and trashing for 8 miles in the blazing 75 degree weather I gave up sweaty and depressed in a mentally drained mood.  Upon reaching my house, first thing I did was email Amica Newport Marathon and try to switch to the half.

I think technically I was a little late switching.  The website says 10 days before race day by Thursday October 6th.  Well Saturday was October 6th so I think they had the wrong date for Thursday.  I guess being a long weekend I might not hear from them until Tuesday if I can switch.  Maybe it was the ice cream or maybe it was that bad run memories fade fast but I’m back to being okay with running a slow marathon.  I guess my feeling on running will always be manic depressant.

At least Jack got to enjoy the weather:



Heart Warming Story of How Amazing People Can Be

I don’t normally do this but sometimes kids can be so inspirational and this is a beautiful story.

Cayden was born with cerebral palsy and cannot talk or walk on his own. In June of 2011, Conner, his brother decided he wanted his little brother to feel what it was like to compete in sports, so they signed up as Team Long Brothers for the Nashville Kids Triathlon. Conner pushed Cayden in a stroller during the run portion, pulled Cayden in a raft in the swim, and pulled him in a trailer during the bike race. Cayden laughed and cheered the whole way. These kids are 6 and 9 years old!

You can vote here for them to be SportsKid of the year for Sports Illustrater.  Maybe I’m a sap but I voted because these kids are amazing.

Here’s a link for the video for more that literally brought tears to my eyes, click here and for more on the story of these two brothers.

Weekly Running Recap

4 days of running = 29.6 miles in total

Since work has been too busy to run during lunch I’ve been waking up early to run.  The 6AM runs haven’t actually been too rough but I did skip them on mornings when I came home at 10 from work the night before.  I am contemplating that once things get less busy to still do some 6AM runs.  There’s something very refreshing to be running with the sunrise.

Monday – 6.1 Miles 53:40 incline 3 on the treadmill 8:47 Pace

Tuesday – 7.5 Miles 60:20 outside in the AM 8:02 Pace

Wednesday – NOTHING – Whine Whine Whine

Thursday – 8 Miles 61:50 outside in the AM 7:43 Pace!!! Wow!  My legs must have been really itching to go after being so low on mileage this week.

Friday – too tired – Nothing – Whine Whine Whine

Saturday – 8 crappy miles of walking/running/crawling

Sunday – I decided although I felt okay I decided not to run because I’m doing the Tufts 10K tomorrow and I want to go all out for this.  I’m hoping to stay sub 45 but I’m not sure I’ll mentally be there for it.  I’m working and am taking a slightly extended lunch break to do this.

On other happy news is that I’m going to Spain in two weeks for about 14 days!  And yes I will probably be blogging with an overwhelming amount of photos.

Have you ever been to Spain?

7 thoughts on “Nothing is more amazing than Frozen Hoagies!”

  1. Just got back from Madrid (will be posting the business trip soon). I gave myself a tour by running and getting lost. Perhaps I had 14 hours of freedom; 14 days would’ve been awesome, enjoy!

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