Boston Spring Half Marathon Discounts & How to Find Race Discount codes

I’m still alive!!

I have much to write about… well actually mostly photo blog about my trip to Spain.  However, between limited internet and my mom I’m way behind my usual travel blogging schedule. Let’s just say that bringing my mom to Spain has been a once in a life time opportunity, meaning, once in a life time is more than enough!

While checking my emails I saw some discounts or promo prices on half marathons I’ve been debating about signing up and thought I would share.  I always get frustrated when I can’t figure out when registration opens or when race fee discounts are available so i figured I’d save you some frustration.

2013 Boston Run To Remember has opened up as a 2 week promo price of $45 (Until November 13).  It’s a no frills type of race and compared to the BAA half marathon, a lot less pretentious. I’m waiting for registration to open up at

2013 New Bedford Half Marathon has a $5 off promo equaling to $45.  Code is AXNEWBED5.

I talked about both of these races in my 2013 New England Races post.

How I find race discount codes

1. Twitter stalk – Rock n Roll/Competitor group is always posting different promos for their races on twitter

2. Zozi – You can’t plan for these but I always see random half marathons pop up on the site.  Usually I’m a bit disgruntled as I already signed up for that race.  Also if it’s a half marathon, it will sell out as they are always limited quantity!  They also do a lot of those mud/obstacle course races on the site among other things.

3. For races I know I want to do, I sign up for the mailing lists and see when registration opens up.  This doesn’t usually get me a code but it does get me the lowest race fee.

I know other deal sites have things now and then but I haven’t found any good consolidated source.l  Anyone computer techny enough to start a site for it?  Like a retailmeornot for races!

Well it looks like it finally stopped raining so I’m out to find some flamenco dancing!

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