Adventures in Spain – Day 1 Barcelona – La Boquiera

I like to end posts on a positive note, so I’ll start with a rant.

Flying Delta via JFK is an absolute nightmare

Leaving Boston everything was perfect.  I somehow got on the wrong line for first class and went through security in 2 minutes.  Got on a plane and made it to JFK.  First… maybe I’ve been living in Boston for too long but place is a nightmare!  I had to switch terminals which was one of the most confusing things in the world.  Delta in Boston, never gave me a boarding pass for my connecting Delta flight.  To get on a bus to switch terminals, I had to get a boarding pass.  There is one delta attendant working the shuttle bus area at 6:30 on a Friday.  It was insanity as people had no idea which bus to take to their connecting flight or if they would even make their flight.

Then once I got on my flight… once everyone boarded the plane just chilled there… like a dead pigeon.  For 2.5 hours.  No explanation… No water… nothing.  People were so frustrated that once the plane started moving almost 3 hours later with still no explanation there was a giant applause from the exhausted confused passengers.     Only response delta gave me was it was weather related.  Not sure why I saw other planes take off if it was weather.  Either way, the flights were not cheaper than others when I booked and I only went for Delta because I thought it would be better than British Airways.  Huge mistake!

It was my mom’s first time on an airplane in 19 years since she immigrated to the great USA.  She is ready!

I booked a “4 star” hotel, Evenia Rossello through hotwire… it’s not luxury but I guess it did the trick for being within center proximity.  All the important things were 15-20 minute walk away or a short metro ride within 3 stops.  Although sometimes I really wish I knew how hotwire gets its star ratings.l’exemple

We walked down l’exemple quarter and drooled over the buildings with balconies.

while my mom made a new bullish friend

some buildings and plazas we passed until we reached La Ramba and Boqueria Market.  A heaven of fruits, veggies, fungi, meats and fishies.

I’m not sure where you are from but markets other than produce is not very common in Boston…

As you walk around there’s plenty of olive trees around and this is where they end up.  So yummy!

but worry not I’ll end this on a sweet note

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