Birthday Weekend & Friendsgiving

It’s been a great weekend of lots of food, cake, and random crazies.

Picked up the treadmill at Sears… Guy at merchandise bet us that we couldn’t fit a treadmill into a Prius… we showed him!  Some praying might have been done for safe driving on the way back home.  Now I just need to figure out where I can put it… Basement or Den?

You know what else you can get at Sears (besides a headache)?

Yup, best $17 I spent in a while, check out my ears and feet! Jack loved it, he thought I was a fellow cat and he started licking me after chasing my tail.

On Saturday I volunteered at Community Servings.  Hope you ordered a pie because they looked good!

Birthday cake #1 at community servings

Afterwards I kinda farted around the house pretending to clean before I finally made it out for a 13.1 mile run!  I was planning on finishing 13.1 on Sunday to make it 26 for 26 years but i decided to be a princess until it got too dark and cold and I decided a glass of wine was better.  Woot!

Jack agreed with me… wine boxes are his favorite.

Saturday evening Tony threw me a birthday party because I love being a spoiled princess and he made turkey tacos for everyone.  There’s no photos but I promise it was epic.  I even made gauc from a Florida avocado.

Followed by birthday cake #2 in the same day

Okay it’s in cupcake form as made by one of my roommates.

Other things on Sunday?  Friends Thanksgiving!  I would like to brag about all the cool things I made and baked but I played assistant to Tony.

He started with this…

You take out the good stuff out of the casings… Progressed to this

and ended with this…. Sausage bread!  It made two giant things of these…

We also made some Glazed Apple & Yam pile of joy

And of course there were many many things to eat

Of course you can’t have a friendsgiving without the main course…

My first plate before I added turkey to it, followed by a second equal plate..

Of course all this amazing food wasn’t enough, it’s always followed by an equally impressive table of dessert.

And followed by this!!

Birthday cake number 3!!! Because I’m that awesome… And yes I’m turning 8 or 18 or 81…

and the best part of it all (besides my lovely friends)? Leftovers!  I gotta say while I am a wreck in the kitchen, I am friends with some amazing cooks.  And yes I had a giant plate of leftover pieces of all the deserts too.  Let’s just say I’m making a solid dent in regaining the weight I lost in Spain.

Florida or California avocado?  I think I’m into the Florida ones more but those things are huge!

Do anything fun this weekend?  

15 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend & Friendsgiving”

  1. That’s a lot of celebrating! My birthday was Friday and my daughter’s was Monday. Enough with the cake – now it’s time for Thanksgiving pie!

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