2012 Salem Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run Race Recap

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tony and I woke up at 6:15 AM today to drive up to Salem to run the annual Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run.  Race fee was $22 that benefits the Boys and Girls club of greater Salem and first 1,250 registrants got a pretty slick long sleeve tech shirt.  I registered Tony and I 40 people too late to get one but I saw people run in them and I was slightly jealous.

We met my friend Dan at race start who grabbed our packets for us.  They had race day pick up starting at 7AM but I think you could get there at 7:30 and be fine if you can find a parking spot.  Race was suppose to start 8AM but started around 8:07.  No big deal except no one knew where the race start was until like 8:01AM.

I saw this pair dressed as butcher and turkey that made my day.  Other than that I think due to weather no one really dressed up…

The race was relatively flat with a few small bumps of up and down.  It was pretty good weather for running in light tights, about 43 degrees with mild winds.  The route had some nice little ocean view and I think we ran through a park.

I started strong around 6:20 pace which usually isn’t too wrecking for me in a 5 mile race. My approach in shorter races to go all out and by the time you feel like dying the race is over.  However, within two miles I felt dead… I know my endurance was down from my 3 week running break while I was in Spain but that shouldn’t effect my speed too much. Maybe it was because I was stupid and ran speedwork last night of about 4.75 miles at 7PM, not a large amount of miles for me but maybe I’ll use that as an excuse.

Photo source

I look in pain in that photo and I have to admit I am in pain.  That banana I ate 30 minute before was not tasting too well anymore.

Since I started running marathons (okay mostly half marathons), I haven’t been taking shorter distances seriously but when I checked the results after the race I found out I came in 4th in my age group.  I never won age group award (other than Malden 10K where only like 100 people run) and it would have been cool to win in a race that had 1,800 registered runners. I did run a 6:55 paced 10K just a month ago.  I know I sound spoiled complaining but this blog has always been about being honest even if the rest of the world things I’m crazy.  Luckily, disappointing results only motivate me to run another race and try harder.

Anyways here are the results …

Photo source

Total Time 35:33
Pace 7:07
Age Group Place – 4th in F25-29
Gender Place – ~14th, I tried to manually count so I could be wrong
Total Place – 98/1,609 who finished

My friend Dan ran 34:25 and Tony ran 39:46 and hasn’t ran since Newport Half (October 14)

And my friend Ryan ran a 46:51

and because running isn’t enough, Tony and I bagged 14 bags and a barrel of yardwaste and leaves.  Yup… that’s only a month worth!

And now I’m ready for some turkey sides and lots of pie… I’m bring mine that I ordered from CS!  Can’t wait to dig in.


How was your Thanksgiving?

Doing any Black Friday deals?

2 thoughts on “2012 Salem Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run Race Recap”

  1. Great job on the time! Wow, you are fast! Love that guy’s turkey costume too, it looked rather elaborate! Thanksgiving was relaxing and kids and I are staying home all day while my husband is out working. Glad to have a day to clean out some closets and organize. Have a great day!

  2. Great race Liana!!!!!! I ran my own turkey trot on the beach yesterday. I was going to run in an organized one, but woke up with an awful stomach ache yesterday so I wasn’t sure if I could really “race”. I am glad that I did my own thing, it was actually more fun for me.

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