#Frifotos Theme – Peaks

This week’s #Frifotos theme is “peaks” — and I decided I’ll share my favorites since hitting refresh on weather.com to learn about more freezing rain forecasted in Iceland for the 4 days I’m there isn’t too much fun.

Inca Trail, Peru

It’s been over 3 years since I’ve been to Peru, and I’ve had many amazing travel experiences since, but I have yet to go somewhere that has matched this trip.

Yosemite National Park (Half Dome), CA – One of the hikes that I really did almost die but totally worth it for the view.

Mt. Monadnock NH – The peak that kicks my butt post tax season every year.

Do you like mountains?  What’s your favorite “peak”?

2 thoughts on “#Frifotos Theme – Peaks”

  1. Love the photos. I’ve been to Peru also…it was an amazing hike and trip. I did the Lares Trek vs. the Inca trail…it was me, 4 other travellers, our 2 guides, and a few porters….but other than that no one for miles…it was amazing.

    1. I got lucky too, the group I did my Inca trail with was a total of four people, three of which was me and my friends (a little awkward for the other dude but I think he got used to us haha). I didn’t realize how huge the other groups were until passport control. I think our group did a good job in keeping us on a mild different schedule/campsites then others.

      I want to come back and do the Salkantay trek one day.. one day. What else did you see in Peru afterwards/before?

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