Adventures in Spain – Barcelona – Mercat de Mercats – A celebration of Catalan food

After exploring the Barri Gotic, my mom and I stumbled upon Mercat De Mercats, what we thought was just another market was actually a once a year 3 day festival of wine and food from all through Catalonia.

One of the first tables was pâté de foie gras, basically goose livers.

After my experience last year in Paris, I can’t say I’m the biggest fan, but the booth was surrounding by so many people that for a Euro I couldn’t help but do as the Spanish do and try.

It was okay, I didn’t die, the cracker underneath was tasty.  Next up was the Oysters, something a little more my style!

My mom picked a mine salmon sandwich to taste.

Next, we came upon the most delicious fish kabobs!  Salmon and Tuna.  We picked to try the Tuna.

It was my favorite food I tasted at the market!

My mom got a mojito that was a perfect blend of sweet and mint.

I’m a person whose quite easy to satisfy, give me some red wine and some meats on a stick and I’ll be content.

If you walk around anywhere in Spain you’ll noticed they’re into cured meats.  You can take a sampler stick to experiment a bit!

I was pretty full at this point but we kept walking by things that just looked more and more interesting.  I’m not even sure what this is, maybe an octopus, it kind of tasted like a giant  calamari

We also got a shrimp plate to share.

It was one of the coolest scenes, tasting of food and drinks around a beautiful cathedral where tourists and locals from all sorts of background sat together in bliss.

After a rest and a glass of wine, we moved onto olives, here are some anchovies with olives.

Tuna inside an olive! Yummy!

This was one of my favorite food festivals I’ve ever been too!  Cheap wine (1-2 Euro a glass) and yummy food.  There was cheeses everywhere too but I somehow forgot to photograph them while eating.

 Have you ever been to a food festival? What’s your favorite one?  I’ve only been to a few random ones in Boston that I always find too packed with super long lines.  In Barcelona I barely had to wait a minute to get what I wanted!

Foodie PenPal reveal October!

The Lean Green Bean

This whole traveling for two weeks has got be all confused with dates, times, and just about everything else in my life.  So I apologies as I’m a day or a few hours behind in posting about my foodie penpal.

I was a bit nervous when I signed up for the foodie exchange but I love snacks and thought it would be fun.  It did not disappoint!  Lindsay sent me quite the assortment of snacks!  I’m a bit of a salty addict so these fulfilled my need quite nicely.

I couldn’t believe how much stuff this girl crammed in the box!  The dried Mango slides were my favorite!  Even though Tony tried to steal them.

Jack was just as excited!

Does everyone agree that there’s something just continuously funny about cats in boxes and bags?

And if you’re curious what I sent in my box, check out Calee’s post.