A Jew Puts Up the Christmas Tree & Lights

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I have a love hate relationship with December.  On the bright side with holiday parties, pot lucks, and cookie swaps I get to see so many of my friends that I don’t see nearly often enough. And often times I get to dress up and glam up, something I never get to do in my own laziness and daily life.  On the downside, this all takes time and takes away from my nap time and TV time haha.   I did miss being around my family for Hanukkah and mostly just the latkas.  It’s never the same when you have to make it yourself, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Luckily, I’ll be visiting my parents this weekend and my grandma promised to make me some even though Hanukkah is over!

Anyways, a short recap of the holiday cheer!

We put up our tree all 8 feet of it and Jack wasted no time climbing up inside of it.  #catproblems.  Fact, this was the first time I decorated a tree and aside from the fact that all this crap is quite pricey, it was kinda fun and now I have this pretty thing to look at.  Yea i know our star looks a little drunk, we’re working on it.

If I was into mailing holiday cards, this would be mine.  Sorry people with kids, my cat is way cuter!

I wish I took a better photo but my friends decorated their TV for the coolest fireplace I’ve seen.  I love it!

I’ll have a second post recapping my running for the week but I wanted an excuse to post more photos of handsome Jack.

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