A Great Weekend Of Food and Family

A visit to NY for some latkas that got inhaled before a photo was taken.

A walk around Manhattan to wave by the tree surrounded by a mass of humanity

Walking up and down the avenues to check out the window displays.  Bloomingdales on Lex and 59th Cirque Du Soleil was my favorite.

Tony has never been to the insanity that is FAO Schwartz.  I held back on buying a giant stuffed monkey in exchange for candy.

A stop at a German restaurant (Rolf) that looked like Christmas puked on it only to leave because kitchen was closed.

A stop at different German place whose kitchen was not closed at 10PM, Wechsler’s Currywurst & Bratwurst

I ended up liking a lot more due to the chill atmosphere and lack of crazy crowded and slightly epileptic lights.  We got a Wild Boar and Lamb sausage wurst with a side of potato salad and

Brezel!! So Good!  Salt addiction!

The following day after an 18 mile run, I got sushi with my mom and Tony.  Apparently after Spain they’re all best buds now.

And I demanded a fried green tea ice cream.

On Sunday night we drove back to Boston with my parents for Christmas at my house.  Jack and Rocky met again but I don’t think either of them liked each other.  Jack just wasn’t into Rocky sniffing his butt, he did not like that one bit.

But he looked so handsome all weekend long

Tony and I hosted 16 people but the main course and most of the food was prepared by Tony’s mom.  I put my expertise to salad and making rice pilaf as well as arranging crackers on a plate.  It’s where my true skills are.

I’m also now an expert at napkin folding.

The first course was Italian soup with spinach and chicken sausage

Followed by ravioli

And for main course? Roman chicken with rice pilaf and salad

and of course dessert!

How beautiful are these? Our room Adrienne made them.

After all the food, family, gifts and laughs, we were all pooped and passed out into a deep slumber.  Seriously, waking up this morning was rough.

Are you taking advantage of any post Christmas sales? I just loaded up on tea from Teavana for 75% off!

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