12 Fitness (but mostly running) moments of 2012

1. Cross-country skiing for the first time in my life

2. Learning how to run in New England Weather in the winter – layers and tea!

3. Running my first marathon – DC

4. Day I beat the fastest Kenyan by finishing Boston Marathon in 90 degree weather in mid hallucination

5. Running my first trail race, DNFing at my first 50K

6. Biking and Hiking in the Catskills

7. Skipping the hotel gym to explore a new city – running in Chicago

8. Hiking Pawtuckaway Park in NH with friends

9.Listening to my body in not wanting to run a full marathon and PRing at Newport half marathon instead

10. Hiking Mt. Monadnock with coworkers to celebrate end of busy season

11. Trampoline dodgeball with friends

12. Glacier hiking in Iceland – First time on a glacier, first time using crampons, another fun time.

14 thoughts on “12 Fitness (but mostly running) moments of 2012”

  1. What a fun year you had! I have yet to try cross-country skiing. Every year I say I’m gonna do it! Sorry about that 50K. I ran a 50K when I shouldn’t have and put myself out of racing most of the rest of the year. Congrats on DC and Boston Marathons! I’ll be running Boston in 2013 and hope the heat doesn’t repeat. Finally, great job on listening to your body and NOT doing something. I’m still learning how to do this. Good luck in 2013!

  2. What a great year for you! Congrats on your first marathon, and the half pr. We learned to xc ski when living in upstate NY- it was such a great way to survive and enjoy the winter!

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