First Post of 2013

And I got nothing exciting to report.

Today’s Run – 10 Miles 85 minutes

I’m skipping my weekly recap because my running last week looked like this::

Yup before 2012 could wrap up I was smacked with a nasty sinus cold that kept me sleeping 16 out of 24 hours while the other 8 were a daze watching Dr. Who and wondering why my cat will be a pillow but won’t cuddle.

However with enough bourbon and sinus cold medicine I ventured outside to celebrate the end and start of an annual in style.

Thanks to our friend’s invite, we drove around Boston in a limo with Dave the man our limo driver.

With a few stops in 10 degree weather to take a photo or 2

And of course New Year’s is not complete without Chinese food… or kinda Chinese food at PF Changs.

Yup, you know I’m on a lot of cough medicine when I am too delirious to take photos of my food.  Instead I bless you with this lovely photo of Tony and all my hair in its glory state.

Medicine I was told

And of course no New Year’s Eve celebration is complete with a silly hat or 10.

I would love to say that I made the most of my day off on January 1st, 2013 but instead I slept from 2AM to 5PM and back to bed at 10PM!  I started the year with a record sleep session I can be proud of for months to come.  Hopefully I’ll get some long runs this weekend to make up for the sorry waste I made over the holidays.

Other exciting things to report

1. I tried this awesome pulled pork recipe in my slow cooker and while the smell of meat and root beer wasn’t pleasant, if you remove all the liquid and add a small amount of BBQ sauce it tastes amazing.

2. Tony and I signed up for a few races in 2013

How did you welcome in 2013?

Have you got any races planned for 2013?

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