Free Tapas in Granada

Free Food!  Free Food! Well almost… the price?  A cheap glass of wine or beer!  And some of it is even good food!  Wine + Greasy Food = Happy Liana.  And that my friends is my summary of Granada dining.

Tapas, a food that was designed to go with drink, is sadly no longer free in most places even in Spain.  One exception is Granada and they vary in range and quality.

Our Airbnb host mentioned a street we should walk down for the best tapas but sadly that went in one ear and out other another in our traveling daze.  Instead we just wandered around.

The first place we hit was a snazzy little small bar with lamps and curtains creating a small Moorish haven.

With a small beer that I think was a euro each Tony walked away with a fajita while I munched on a hummus, olive and ham platter.  Although not the highest quality of grub, it motivated us to continue on our tapas bar crawl.

On our next stop we hit Bodega la Antigualla, a tiny Medieval style bar along a street in El Albayzín.  Aside from a ton of armor decorating the walls the place was cozy and warm on a cold even that was all we could ask for.  Tony and I decided to get a mojito with our tapas.

Yes that my friends is not a tapa, that is a meal!

A toasted ham, cheese and tomato sauce sandwich sprinkled with oregano and some yummy fries with not one but two sides of sauce.  I wasn’t into the creamy tartar like one but I appreciated that tomato one.

If you want a more proper meal, I recommend checking out one of the many Middle Eastern restaurants in the area.  We went to Teteria y Restaurante Marrakech (I think) with my mom.  A hookah tea cafe with yum yums.  After a week of living off tapas it was nice to get a hearty warm meal.

I forgot the official names of everything we ate so you’ll get my own names for stuff.  Lentil soup!

A soupy vegetable dish with mild flavor.  I kinda wanted to bask it in Tabasco sauce but then again I think everything tastes better in Tabasco

A delicious chicken dish!

And Moroccan meatballs that I thought would be awful but were delicious.    It was Tony’s selection but it was a good one.

For the most part between food, Alhambra, and living in a cave, I feel like I experience most of what I wanted in Granada.  The only sad part was that all the bath houses were closed on Monday.  I guess it’s good to leave something in each city to come back to.  And I hear there’s a ton of other pubs with free tapas to test out!

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