Boston Burger Company – Most Insane Burgers

Yesterday I ran 21 miles, it was long, boring but had to be done.  I’ll go more into detail in the weekly recap post but figured I’ld whine about the unshoveled sidewalks and cold as a side-note.  I seriously contemplated running with a dozen eggs and egging any house that didn’t shovel their sidewalk, extra eggs for any business.

Anyways, anger leads to hunger and I had a crazy craving for greasy pub food.  After a failed first attempt at a diner/theater with a broken projection lamp we end up in Davis Square’s Boston Burger Company. Now I don’t generally eat burgers or even meat but when a craving calls, I prefer to respond to it properly.

Boston Burger Company Signature Burgers

Upon entering the wall is decorated with descriptions of their signature burgers.  My mouth started salivating right away.

Boston Burger Company Chilli Cheese Fries

We started with an order of chili cheese fries with jalapenos   I was really craving nachos but sadly that wasn’t an option.

Boston Burger Company Hot Mess

I ordered the Hot Mess – which in between a giant burger, cheese, dressing had bacon and sweet potato fries and honestly who knows what else.  It was awesome and I’m sad to admit I only made it 60% through but I had a few bites of Tony’s 420 burger as well so let’s call it 68% with a good chunk of chili fries and the awesome chips to call it almost even.  My stomach just isn’t as stretchy as it used to be I guess.

Boston Burger Company 420 Burger

420 Burger – If you’re wondering what is all that?  It’s a whole lot of BBQ sauce with mozzarella sticks, mac & cheese bites, bacon, fries, onion rings and bacon.  I would call this an artery clogger but they have a burger specifically with that name as well.  With each bite you never knew what you’ll get and Tony did a splendid job eating it and holding it together.

Boston Burger Company Killer Bee

Killer Bee – bacon and a stack of beer battered onion rings.

Boston Burger Company Experience

Although not something I would regularly go to, it’s worth checking out!  And if you can finish your full burger, I send my props to you.  Tony got 90% done with his and it was a ton of effort.

Fro Yo Davis Square

And because eating artery clogging burgers just isn’t enough we decided that although we do not deserve any ice cream after that meal, we should still go for fro-yo instead.  A fair compromise if you ask me.

What’s your favorite burger place?  I have a confession mine a turkey avocado salsa one from BGood in Boston followed by an Angus from McDonald’s

3 thoughts on “Boston Burger Company – Most Insane Burgers”

  1. That burger place sounds awesome! I am like you and hardly ever eat hamburgers. If that is what I am craving, I definitely want to do it right. I am assuming this place is in Boston? If it is next time we are there I am going to have to look for it!

  2. 420 burger.. that is what’s up right there. Need more deep fried toppings. My dream burger: patty, pepper jack cheese, chicken fingers, fries, pastrami, fried egg, sriracha, more sriracha, mayo, and a soft bun. mmmmmmm boy

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