50 Miler Training – Week 1

It’s 2013, so let’s call this official Week ONE!

Monday – NONE 16 hours of sleep

Tuesday – NONE 16 hours of sleep due to a kicking butt sinus cold

Wednesday – 6.5 Miles TM @3 56 minutes
Lets felt lazy after 4 days of sleeping but I pushed through on the treadmill for 8:32 pace. Would have run more but felt too tired after work.

Thursday – 10 Miles TM@2 1hr 25 minutes
It wasn’t my fastest and I’m really not a fan of evening longish runs but I figured I slacked enough.  8:30 Pace was all that I could manage before I got too sweaty and blisters started to form.  If only it was lighter outside.

Friday – 4 Mile Homemill 31 Minutes
I haven’t been a fan of running on Fridays since I started the double digits double long runs weekend training for the ultra. However, since I took Monday and Tuesday off and next week will be a wash, I figured I’d get a few quick miles after work at home before Tony came. 7:42 Pace

Saturday – 21.07 Miles mix FOREVER

I woke up early but after lots of tea and toast with PB and Pumpkin butter my legs still didn’t want to go. It happens, and I usually just go with my feel but I’m out next weekend due to (not so wise) wisdom teeth removal, so I had to push forward with the schedule.

Saturday Breakfast

10 miles on the homemill.  My usual 10 miles at home took an extra 5 minutes and with some effort.  I watched some TV while running to distract myself from how boring and tedious the run felt. After 10 miles in 1 hours and 25 minutes, I decided to hit the road.  The concrete road.

The run outside did involve a change of clothes and a small snack. All suited up and ready to go but of course in the worse time of need Garmin took FOREVER to sync up. It always seems that the colder the weather, the longer satellites take to load.  I hit the pavement in joy to finally be off the boring hamster wheel just to be greeted with snow on my trails and unshoveled sidewalks.  I basically had a 1.5 mile main street that went up hill to run up and down on.  Hill repeats is not something I like to do on a cold 20 miler but I roughed it out for 9 miles for about 1 hr 24 minutes.

When I got home, I was going to cool off with 1 mile on the home-mill  but wanted to finish my moth podcast that I went for 2.  Finally after 3 hours of running and 30 minutes of transition periods and me moaning about how boring this run was, I was done!  Saturday Run

Sunday 10 Miles Outside 1 hr 27 min
I had 15 planned but it got dark outside and icy and I was tired of my mile repeats.  The thought of the treadmill made me cringe so I decided that instead of finishing the run I should lay on my bedroom floor eating string cheese.  There’s always two weeks from now.

Sunday Run

Week 1 Goal Miles – 60.0
Week 1 Actual Miles – 51.5

8 thoughts on “50 Miler Training – Week 1”

  1. Great job on your mileage!

    I’m using a modified version of the 50k training plan in “Relentless Forward Progress.” I’m shooting for a 50k trail race in April, but I’m only up to 37 miles just this last week. Good new is, my legs feel pretty good, they’re not all beat up. But we’ll see how it goes this week.

  2. Congrats on a great first week! I had 13 on the schedule for Saturday and the thought of another TM run made me want to scratch my eyeballs out so I went outside and ran hating my life the whole time. Did much more ice skating than actual running. :/

  3. Hey, you almost got there! I think it’s hard to get into that groove right away after being under the weather. I’m impressed by the amount of treadmill running you do. I hate the mill and would rather run in snow! Do you have yaktrax? I find those help me a lot in snowy/icy conditions. Good luck with the wisdom tooth surgery…I remember my jaw hurting when running for a few days after that, fyi.

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