And Just Like That I Had 4 Less Teeth

Time to get personal… Well more personal.

The not so wise teeth removal

After waiting 26 years I had to deal with it.  Wisdom teeth removal.  Just typing that is making me want to gag.  I’ve been procrastinating about it for years.  In college my top ones popped out.  I flirted with getting all 4 removed like a normal person but freaked out.  Then in 2009 my bottom impacted ones started to feel raw and the top ones were nibbling on my cheeks.  I looked into wisdom tooth removal and freaked out and pretended they weren’t there.  Ignorance was bliss until 3 years later when my bottom one decided to take a peak into the outside world by trying to knock one of my molars out of the way.

And now I’m here with 4 less teeth and food that can be drank instead of eaten and a little whole lot of pain.  However, before I doomed myself to a week without chewing or running, I made the most of yesterday, well as much as I can with a full day of work.

I had my last run 6.5 miles and my last chewable meal for dinner.

Last Snack and Drink

While I waited to go to dinner I snacked on my favorite crunchy spicy mix from Costco   O how I wish I could crunch on it now!  With a small bit of my favorite drink.  Couldn’t go too crazy since I couldn’t drink or eat anything when I woke up.

Papas Turkey Tips

For dinner we went to Papa’s Bar and Grill, my favorite in Malden.  I got the turkey tips with a garden salad.  The garden salad isn’t anything to write home about but the turkey tips are amazing and anyone that tries them agrees.

Papa's Chicken Parm Tony and roommate got the chicken parm because he too was pretending it was his last meal.

Any tasty wisdom teeth healing recipes? Tony’s mom made me some delicious squash soup that I ate ten  a few plates of.

Any tips to heal faster? I heard teabags help clot the bleeding.

How long did you wait before you started running again?  I really want to start up again this weekend since it’s going to be in the 50s but I read that it’s best after a week later and my check up appointment isn’t until next Wednesday. This is worse than taper week!

5 thoughts on “And Just Like That I Had 4 Less Teeth”

  1. Oh….been there. Had mine out just before senior year of high school. I was that oddball that had complications, but hubby had his out a few years ago and was eating solid foods within a few days. Fingers crossed you heal up quickly!!

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