Taiwan Cafe – Brunch Taiwanese Style

A friend sent me an email asking if I wanted to get brunch? Of course!  Do I want to get Taiwanese brunch? Even better!

Going to Chinatown restaurants is always an adventures.  You got some of the best mixed up with the will I really regret this meal rest.  However, one thing I’ve learned to trust when it comes to Chinatown dining is word of mouth.  If my friend was telling to check out this place, it was worth going to!

Taiwan Cafe 2

The first dish we got was porridge and a bowl of sweat soy milk.  On the right are some garlicky sauteed veggies.  Bottom left is a churros like thing and the left bottom is a sesame pancake that you wrap around the churros thing.  Top half was good but the churros and sesame pancake was a disappointment   One wasn’t oily enough while the other felt like it’s been re fried   Not sure if that’s the norm but can’t say I was into them.

Taiwan Cafe 1

This photo shows all my favorites of the brunch.  Tofu dish, scallion pancake with minced meat, dough balls with minced meats and my guide and ordering wench Lynn!

The scallion pancakes with meat inside were my favorite followed by a close second of the tofu with veggies and a mild dark sauce.  Although not a traditional breakfast, it was great to spend time with some friends before my 10 mile run in the evening.

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