12 Best Things I Ate in 2012

I got inspired by a post with the same title on Adventurous Kate’s blog and couldn’t help but reflect back on my own gastronomic adventures of 2012.  2012 has been great for me fitness/running wise, but with my new running ambition came a great appetite and I took full advantage to feed it!

These are not in any order other than random!

12. The best lobster roll from Roy Moore Lobster Co that I had after the Twin Light Half Marathon in Rockport, MA.

Best Food 2012 9

11.  Smoked Meat Sandwich from Schwartz while in Montreal.  How good is it?  So good, there’s a musical about it!

Best Food 2012 8 10. Okay so this was a DIY moment but throwing my own Spring Roll party thanks to help from a friend was a very yummy experience of 2012
Best Food 2012 6 9. Fajita salad at Guadalajara Grill in Malden was awesome.  Sadly, they closed down.  They have a sister restaurant called Mexico Lindo in Melrose, but that doesn’t provide the convenience of being able to walk home after a pitcher of the best margaritas ever.  =(
Best Food 2012 4

8. I never wrote about going to Mama Ayesha’s in Washington D.C. and that’s a shame.  Upon other visits to DC and the Zoo, I would always walk by this place that looked like a shack and I wasn’t ever sure if it’s actually open.  This year I got the courage to go inside to be delighted at a beautiful lantern filled Lebanese place!

Best Food 2012 3

7. Ceviche at El Chalan in DC – Although nothing in the U.S. will ever come close to my experience in Peru, this was the closest and best I have yet to try and my stomach knows I tried many.
Best Food 2012 2

6. I didn’t blog back then so there’s no link but brunch at Barney Greengrass in NYC was brunch of the year.  Smoked salmon and white fish scramble in a perfect pumpernickel bagel.  It was even worth the trek from south Brooklyn to midtown.

Best Food 2012 1

4.I would like to start with saying I hate duck,  I’m not a fan, I think there’s usually not enough meat to eat there.  However, Salt proved me wrong.  Tony took me there for our two year anniversary and it was the best!  There was definitely plenty of meat in that duck.

Best Food 2012 10

3. Pintxos in Barcelona!  These bar bites with fresh fish, smoked fish, different whips, hard boiled eggs and veggies is everything my palate craves.

Best Food 2012 11

2. This is another one of those trips that I just never blogged about.  Maybe one day I’ll go back and do a write-up on Burlington, VT.  Or maybe just maybe I’ll go back this in summer of 2013 for a warmer visit.  On our drive back from Montreal, we stopped by a few hours and I had the world’s best vegan burger at the Farmhouse Tap & Grill.  Laughing Lotus Farm kimchi, Cabot cheddar, pickled jalapeño and braised kale!  A vegetarian wet dream and the perfect refuel after a marathon

Best Food 2012 13

1. I mentioned how these are not in any order but this one.  Number 1 is my all time favorite dining experience!  Dining at Girl and the Goat was the one time that I can say that I literally had nothing to complain about from all 6 small plate that we had!  This below is the sockeye tartare with truffle vinaigrette, summer squash & popiah

Best Food 2012 5


What were your favorite dining moments of 2012? If you did a post, share it!

8 thoughts on “12 Best Things I Ate in 2012”

  1. I love what a foodie you are! You are way more adventurous that I am when it comes to dining out. I can’t really think of anything fabulous I had to eat this last year. I had some pretty amazing food in New Orleans last February and some awesome BBQ in Houston.

  2. Those salmon skewers are DEFINITELY RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! How gorgeous and delicious! 🙂 That lobster in the lobster roll also looks AMAZING – what a generous portion! 2012 was certainly a delicious year… How is 2013 shaping up to be so far?

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