Wisdom teeth diet…

8 day ago I had my wisdom teeth pulled out.  All four… it wasn’t painful.. I went under.  There might have been a funny story or two when I woke up.  Maybe one day I’ll share in exchange for coffee. I was off my meds in 2 days! My nerve that was sitting on the tooth and was a MAJOR concern went untouched… I had great fears of never being able to taste or feel on my left side again. I ate my mashed potatoes, pudding, ice cream, and random creations in hopes that I could eat real food again. I iced and my face didn’t blow up too much as others told me.  I had a minor bruise.  I thought I was recovering and got braver with my food. A little too brave…

8 days later, I’m still slightly bleeding.  While the correct word isn’t still, but more like restarted.  The doctor says it’s okay so I’m trying not to freak out.  It’s okay, but depressing.  I’m not in pain, but i can’t eat real food yet.  This makes me sad. I love food, I love crunchy food, I love bagels bigger than the size of my head that I can’t fit into my lack of teeth mouth at the moment.

I can’t eat and therefore my runs have been crap.  I don’t have the energy or mental motivation.  I still try.  I will keep trying.  I’m working my best to keep my nutrition level (calories) at the level I need to run, however, without the satisfying chew or crunch… it doesn’t feel the same.

Anyways I’m a little late on the What I ate Wednesday band wagon so here’s my #WisdomTeethDiet share of Friday.  I could write about my runs but I’ll save that slightly depressing post for later when I hope to have better news.

Things to eat after wisdom teeth removal
Wisdom Teeth Diet 1

Butternut Squash – I probably ate like 20 bowls of that in 4 days

Humus – That counts as one serving right?

Fruit Smoothie – I don’t normally go for these because it’s like a bucket of sugar but this stuff has so much sugar that it didn’t burn my mouth like the healthier smoothies

Powerade Pink Flavor – Only thing I would drink afterwards, I don’t know why but I love this pink stuff

Wisdom Teeth Diet 2

Some better things I was able to eat a few days later

Eggwhites with Cheese 

White Cheddar Annies – Seriously is there anything better?

Avocado Soy Vanilla Smoothie – I figured I needed to add some fat and protein instead of just sugar after my strenuous 4 mile power-walk/Jog on Sunday

Healthy Vegetable Mashed Potatoes – I missed eating vegetables so I mashed them into my potatoes

Things that make me happy in my mush diet

Wisdom Teeth Diet 5

My new favorite invention of yogurt with apple sauce in place of nuts and pretzels I normally eat


Since I can’t crunch on anything I eat like 10 cheese wedges a day – no cracker required


And Ice Cream!  Is there really anything better?

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Diet

1. I chew a hell lot more
2. I take small bites
3. Eat slower and less meat

Crappyness of Wisdom Teeth Diet

1. I CAN”T GET NO SATISFACTION – Seriously  I miss the crunch!  I’m not a sugar person but I’m a big salty snacks, nachos type of gal.  It hurts to watch Tony show down a plate of nachos while my toothless mouth waters.
2. As a runner I’m having a lot of difficulties getting carbs that don’t come in sugar form.  I have to eat a lot of overcooked pasta and that’s really not fun.

Tell me stories of your wisdom teeth experience… I need to commiserate!   

4 thoughts on “Wisdom teeth diet…”

  1. I feel your pain! I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted several years ago and still remember the eating nightmare. I too am a crunchaholic. I even got fed up of ice cream! And running made my jaw ache like crazy. Then I got that dry rot…no, that’s not right, dry socket thing which hurt like hell. Good news is that 15 years later my mouth is just fine! 😉 Enjoy the smoothies…

    1. Yea I’m worried about the dry rot heh. My right side bleeds everytime I eat, but I can’t not eat.. it’s a crazy cycle, at least my left side is healing and I can soon just chew on that side.

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