Myers + Chang Lunch & Burgerpalooza

If I was in charge of life, I would make every weekend a 3 day weekend.

Anyways thanks to a certain holiday I had Monday off from work and off from running.  I figured after running down 73 miles I deserved a complete day off.  Instead I watched several episodes of Dexter (productive) and got to meet a friend for lunch at Myers + Chang.

But first I had a craving…

Dunkin Toast Almond coffee, black.  Ever since my office moved locations I never get Dunkin anymore so when I walked past a Dunkin in 20 degree weather I felt a small wave of nostalgia.  This was also my first time ordering a small.  I’m at a point where if I drink coffee in the afternoon I can’t sleep at night… Lame I know but since I didn’t really need to be that awake, I went for the small.

Now back to my fabulous lunch at Myers + Chang. an Asian inspired eatery in the South End.  I’ve walked by this place hundreds of times and I always saw happy people chowing down on their meals.  Its been on my to eat list for a while but when hunger comes I have always gone somewhere else until now.

Inside the decor reminded me of other fusion inspired ramen type bars, open, modern, white chairs, long bar area, cozy but sleek. Staff seemed friendly and nice.

Myers + Chang

We started with the braised pork buns that were absolutely melt in your mouth perfection…

Myers + Chang Ramen

Being that it was absolutely freezing outside, we also each got a bowl of shrimp & tofu ramen with kyushu noodles, scallion butter, nori, egg.  The broth was heavy and lemony but perfect for the weather!

Other things consumed this weekend?

BurgerPalooza.  Hey, when you’re running 73 miles, a girl’s gotta eat.  My friends hosted an annual Burgerpalooza.  The top left is a sample of all the toppings we had.  The bottom two are my burgers.  First one is beef with spinach, mushrooms, cheddar, guacamole  tomatoes, and a little bit of spicy mayo.   The second one on the right is an emu burger with guacamole  sprouts, spicy mayo.  I’ve never had emu before but it was actually very tender and lean as long as I try to pretend that it’s not a silly but kinda cute bird.

Burger Ice Cream Cake

And yes there was burger ice cream…

And yes as you can see I’m almost healed from my teeth removal and am back to chewing!  THANK GOD!!!!

Jack in a bag

And yes because every post should end on a cat photo..

Tell me about your weekend? Any running?  Any eating?

8 thoughts on “Myers + Chang Lunch & Burgerpalooza”

  1. My weekend consisted of a nice long run and continuing to eat on the Whole30 plan. It was hard because I wanted everything I couldn’t have, so typical. It has gotten a lot easier though and hopefully this weekend will be even better.

  2. I just love the burger ice cream!!!!

    thanks for checking out my blog and good luck with all of those miles you are running! Just awesome!

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  3. Those burgers look soooo good! I work in food service and to celebrate Healthcare Food Service week the hospital got us burger and fries ice cream. Fun!

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