What I read Thursday…

I originally started this on Tuesday aiming for Wednesday publish, but in between running and munching, writing about it took a back step.  I figured instead of participating in what I ate Wednesday, I’d do what I read.  Yea, I know you guys don’t really care about every morsel I put in my body. I would exhaust myself typing and photographing everything I eat for one hour, let alone a day.  Instead I’ll share some things I read this week on the interwebs.

Guess what… heel striking may no longer be the wrong way to run – say another study.

Running on the Wall – My metals are currently all over the house… on the laundry machines, in the bedroom, random drawers in my kitchen.  I throw them first place they land when I get home.  I’m doing Tony a favor and buying this wall mount so they can be proudly displayed.  Yes I got the double hooked version of this because one row isn’t enough at this point in the game.  My one complaint about the site is that it has a “men” and a “women” section.  The one below is from men   Seriously? It’s a medal display, there’s no penis, vagina  or size distinctions that warrant the gender gap. Boys can like pink and girls can like black, this is silly… but it’s cute and besides I feminist protest, I still ordered haha ::Cranky::

running medals holder
Photo from the website

Sad truth about quinoa – The people who first cultivated the grain can’t afford to eat it. Really sad truth between first world healthy eating trends and developing world problems.

Catnip Cat Video – Being a crazy cat lady I find it funny, and I needed some humor after feeling so depressed about my current quinoa dinner that is starving communities.

Using Aspirine for a portable face-mask – I like to pack light, so might have to try this little trick next time my face breaks out like a 12-year-old because I decided donuts really are essential for every meal when you travel.

Seen anything good on the interwebs this week? Share!

2 thoughts on “What I read Thursday…”

  1. I really like that medal hanger- I would order it!
    Heel striking honestly makes me cringe and want to vomit since that is what the sports med peeps are saying caused my compartment syndrome. 60-70 miles a week + heel striking= bad news bears for me! I am proud to say that I have successfully transitioned to being a forefoot striker and with that I am faster now this year than I was last year at this time. That was after running a 1:33 1/2 marathon last year in January. Hoping this means I have a kick as* spring marathon!

    1. I can’t believe you ran a 1:33 half heal striking! Thanks amazing! I grew up walking around barefoot so I was never a heal striker but I did get Tony to switch his form and his runner has improved greatly too!

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