2013 Hyannis Marathon Race Recap


I just passed the 20 mile marker and my brain was already shouting, searching, crying for mile 21. What started as a plan to avoid the large puddles has turned into a never ending river fording adventure across a body of water and I don’t even know how to swim!  Every article of clothing is starting to fight against me.  That extra pair of socks I thought were a smart idea were also wet and weighting me down.  My fancy rain-jacket  completely soaked through.  My tights, my socks, my sports bra and everything in between is cutting into my skin with a cold, wet sharpness.  I try to run forward, but I realize my body is refusing to move because it is trembling, no straight out shaking to keep itself warm, and when your muscles are spasming for warmth, getting them to coordinate with your brain to move forward is a challenge that I never knew could exist.  The road is barely closed for all the runners and all I can think at this point is that if I get hit by a car, I won’t be too sad because I can stop trying to run.

But let me start at the beginning, before I thought getting hit by a car was a brilliant solution to being cold, wet, and 6 miles away from the finish line.

The Hyannis Marathon was held on Sunday February 24th 10AM.  There is also a half marathon and a relay.  The marathon registration is $60 and the half is $50.  The price only goes up by $5 to $65 & $55 if you wait last minute.  Compared to Boston Marathon or any Rock n Roll event, the race fee is a steal!  However, you get what you pay for.  NOT MUCH.

The whole weekend is actually a whole grand fiasco with a small fun run Friday, pasta dinner, with some local greatness (BILL RODGERS & GREG MEYER), and a whole giant disorganized (from what I hear) expo.  Tony and I decided to skip out on the expo and the pasta dinner because at $17 per person, I can eat better than that.  If you sign up for the Malden 5K/10K you get a pasta dinner for free but you’re downgraded to local greatness like me and Tony =).

Pre-Race Food & Logistics

Instead of attending the expo, or any of the pre-race events, I spent the weekend packing, worrying and reloading my email.  There was serious threats that with the snow and wind factor (50 MPH) the race was going to be canceled.  The race organizers told us to wait until 4PM Saturday until they would have the final word from the town police about whether we may (not can) run in this weather.  Not gonna lie, a small part of me that has never run in the rain EVER, was hoping for a cancellation, and I know all of Tony was hoping for a cancellation because he doesn’t appreciate the thrill of running many miles like I do.  Luckily, the race was to go on!

Scuba Liana was ready for her 26.2 mile swim.  I spent the rest of evening, packing, repacking, three wardrobe changes in picking out an outfit.  I briefing looked for some cheap lodging, failed and decided Tony should love me enough to wake up early to drive, instead of forking over the dough for a hotel.  Luckily he did!

We woke up at 7AM with a goal of being out the door by 7:30 knowing we’re always a little late.  The drive to Hyannis took about 90 minutes and was relatively traffic free due to horrible weather and it being a Sunday morning.

Fuel – We fueled up on Dunkin toasted almond coffee, Munchkins (for me) and a cream cheese bagel (for Tony).  About 30 minutes before the race, I shoved a piece of toast down my throat because I decided maybe I should have something besides caffeine and sugar in my stomach.

Parking – We actually had no idea where to park, but then again, I have never ran a race where parking wasn’t confusing.  Luckily one of the volunteers flagged us into a spot and then warned that we have a 10 minute walk in the rain to the starting line/bib number pick up.  Good thing I had my fashionable trashbag with me.

Number Pick-Up – Even though half the runners that signed up didn’t show up, number pick up was a wreck.  First there’s two buildings, between the convention center and the hotel, we had no idea where to go to grab our numbers.  There was no sign or anything on the door entrance to remotely assist you.  Luckily, with enough asking.

Swag bag – The swag bag is utter CRAP! Please save yourself the cost and sweatshop labor and don’t hand me a giant over-sized cotton t-shirt when I’m running a half marathon or a marathon.  I rather get nothing at all, then this waste of energy, and resources that will just clutter more landfills.   You’re using valuable volunteers’ time to hand out garbage and that upsets me.  It’s something that always bothers me about races sponsored by Marathon Sports, a local running store chain.  You’re a running store that hopes people will spend their hard earned money on running appropriate clothes and gear, why are you handing out chemically colored cotton giant shirts?

THE MARATHON – I won’t break this race into a mile by mile analysis because really there were three parts to this race, the good, the horrible & the I contemplated death finale.

Miles 1-15 – This part of the race went great, well as great as running in cold rain can feel.  The wind was relatively low.  The course seemed relatively flat, but to be fair I wasn’t really paying attention to the rolling hills.  I had one mission, that was to run, try to avoid major puddles, keep running and finish this race.  All pacing strategy was out the window because I just wanted to be done before the weather got worse.  I made a last minute decision to ditch my long sleeve shirt and just wear a short sleeve shirt under my rain jacket.  At these miles, that seemed like a great idea.  My Garmin was saying I was at 7:07 pace and I wondered if it was broken but kept going.  Around 13.1 mile, my Garmin still claimed I was running a 7:11 pace which would have killed my previous PR.  I waved to the finish line and got ready for my second loop.

The marathon course repeats the half marathon course twice to make up the miles.  As I passed the finish line at mile 13, I questioned myself if I was really going to  go for the full.  My mind said go half, but yet my legs went forward and began the second circle.  Mile 14 & 15 I still felt great and really believed I was going to crush this.

Miles 16-20 – It was around mile 16 that I realized that the small puddles I was avoiding have now consumed the whole path.  The rain was not planning on stopping any time soon and the wind was beginning to pick up.  These too would have been miserable miles had I not chatted with another girl running around a similar pace as me.  The chat distracted me for a few miles but overall I still felt pretty good despite the horrible wetness and coldness.

Mile 20-26 – Around mile 20, the rain turned into a downpour and the wind became bone chilling.  I don’t know if the weather changed drastically, if I hit a wall, or I’ve been so soaked that my clothes were no longer retaining any of my warmth no matter how hard I tried to run.  In a normal marathon, when you get exhausted or want a break, you can slow down and take a little walk, this is not an option when its raining and cold.  The slower I got, the wetter and colder I felt.  A catch-22 that was creating my own personal hell.  I tried to look at the runners around me to see if anyone else felt as miserable as me, and failed.  They all looked so strong, so graceful, and not a bit broken by the weather.  I questioned why I was so mentally weak but then reminded myself there was no where else to go.  It’s either call 911 or keep running.  My pride was all that was left to push me… or maybe I’ve become delirious from the cold and wetness.

The finish – I don’t know how, but after an hour or more of suffering, I saw the finish line.  I was still cold, wet & miserable but I gave a kick and sprinted forward.  I may not be number 1 or even an age group winner but at that point, no one else was going to pass me to the finish line!  As I crossed the finish line, I started crying, literally.  I have never cried at a race before, not even at my first marathon when I was training for a sub 4 hour and ended up with 3:25.  I was so happy to finished, that I couldn’t contain myself with emotion.

2013 Hyannis Marathon

Post – Marathon – As I slowly limped my way inside, I couldn’t stop shaking and I couldn’t find Tony who had my dry clothes..  A girl let me borrow her cell phone because mine was acting up. Everything felt confusing, I even tried looking for a medic station or something because I knew that since I was inside, I shouldn’t be shaking so hard.  Tony finally found me, helped me take of my drenched jacket, and I left to the bathroom to change.  Of course the line was super long as usual even post race so I just changed by the sinks.  I’m not sure if there was post race food, there might have been, but I felt so angry, and so cold that we just left and stopped by Mary Lou’s for coffee instead.  Tony said there was soup and bananas, donuts after he finished the half.  There might have been some stuff left, but who knows, ,my mind was gone at this point.

Post Hyannis Marathon

Yup, that’s the look for a girl who swam 26.2 miles for a chocolate mint coffee and a slice of bread.  Good thing I grabbed a loaf of bread to the car this morning before heading out!

And if you’re wondering what that lovely mark on my forehead is… that’s the markings of my cap that I wore during the race.  The lesser of my battle wounds from that day.

Pros & Cons of Running Hyannis Marathon – I don’t regret running Hyannis Marathon, and I’m glad I stuck through for the full despite the weather.  It was challenging and despite how miserable I felt, I feel a pride in knowing that I survived.  That being said I will probably not sign up for this race again alone.  The race is relatively cheap, the course is relatively flat and I think in nicer weather could be scenic.  However, there’s a lot about the race organization that angered me.  Aside from the cotton t-shirt, I cannot express how angry I am that the roads were not even partially closed.  There were almost 3,000 runners that ran, but from what the race announcers said almost 5,000 people registered (I guess 2,000 of them decided to sleep in and cut their losses).  To have that many people run and not even close a lane of a road was dangerous and unpleasant.  I can do that on my own, without someone charging me a fee to be timed.  We were literally running in something that was less than the shoulder of a road, where all the rain gutter was being drained to on a highway.  Pretty much running in a sewer.  Probably worse road course I ever ran.  I’ve ran Lowell where the road isn’t fully closed but they at least leave a full lane for us to run on.

I have more to say on running in the rain, but I’ll save that for another time as this post is long enough.  Instead the most important part of this, my results:

Overall Place Finish Time Pace Division Name Division Place Division Size Gender Place
91 3:34:25 8:11 F1829 7 43 13

Boston 2014 by 34 seconds!  I’ll take it!

Mizuno with Cat

And just as my shoes dry up, so are the horrible memories and just two days later as I finish writing this, I think to myself it wasn’t that bad, can’t wait for my next one!

Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken

It’s no secret that my idea of cooking involves taking three frozen things (veggies, salmon burger, more veggies) and putting it together with a carb and calling it a healthy balanced meal.  Braising, marinating, sauteing  even my food processor are relatively foreign to me.  However, after getting a slow-cooker for my birthday, I have fully accepted it into my regular cooking routine among the microwave and the wok.

The slow-cooker has expanded my grocery shopping into a new territory… the raw meat aisle. While I love to eat, there is nothing pleasant about cooking with meat, it’s wet, raw, potentially contaminated and gross.  Luckily with the slow-cooker, I barely have to touch the meat beyond putting it in the slow-cooker.  I can set it, go for a run, clean the house and when I’m, my dinner will be ready for me.  Here is a Balsamic Chicken recipe I used last weekend while once again hiding from the snow.

Slow Cooked Balsamic Chicken with Mushrooms

Slow cooker balsamic chicken


  • 4 Chicken Breast
  • 1 Cup Mushrooms
  • 1 Medium Sized Onion
  • 5 or however many you want garlic cloves
  • 1 teaspoon garlic salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
  • sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley

1. Pour olive oil on the bottom of the pot, chop up garlic and line the bottom of the pot.
2. Mix the garlic salt, dried basil, and black pepper in a bowl and spread over chicken on both sides.
3. Place chicken in the pot, cover the chicken with mushrooms and chopped up onions.
4. Pour the balsamic vinegar over the chicken, mushrooms, onions and everything.
5. Set the slow-cooker to 4 hours on high and go for a run!

Slow cooker balsamic chicken

Malden 5/10K & 4-Week Training Plan to your first 5K!

I did a little interview with Alex at Addicted2Running about running and my (lack of) training and (lack of) plan for my 50 miler.  Aside from me being a little dazed and confused (Monday nights are not my best days), it was great chatting with Alex and hearing about his experience at his 50 miler.  So check out his blog and his interview with me.

The Malden 5/10K is less than 5 weeks away and if you’re local to me, you should sign up!  It’s a small race and benefits the Malden Rotary.  Registration is only $20 or $10 if you’re a student.  The race is chip timed and usually has about 300 runners in total.  To get there, you can drive or take the Orange Line or even the Commuter Rail to Malden Center.  With registration you get a T-shirt (cotton), hat, gloves and random things and after the race, there’s a pasta/salad lunch at the Dockside.  Start time is around 11:30/12:00 on Saturday March 23rd, so you don’t have to worry too much about losing beauty sleep on your day off!

Photo from last year of the starting line

Now if you’re new to running, you’re thinking I’m not ready for a 5K!  That’s crazy! There’s not enough time!  Maybe next year… But deep down, I know you’re interested, after-all you’re reading this.  Whether you’re friends with me or someone else, you might have noticed the large rise in facebook/twitter status updates on working-out and running.   You slowly shake you head, think that’s very nice and move on, but exercise is contagious and so are the endorphins that people get from them.  When you’re happy, you want everyone else to be happy!


A 5K is 3.1 miles.. Can you walk 1 mile? I’m sure if you live around Boston, you can probably even walk 3.1 miles, so transitioning that to running just takes patience and commitment

Below is a sample 4 Week plan I created for my brother who never ran before.  If you search far and wide on the world of Google there’s plenty of others out there but this worked for me when I first started training last minute for my first 5K in 2009.


Run – Any combination of running/walking/jogging as long as you get the time or distance covered.

Rest/XT – Since you’re new to running you can either take a rest day or cross train with anything (bike, elliptical, strength, body pump, walk).

Rest – I really recommend taking a complete day of rest once a day, not even yoga allowed.  Your muscles do their most crucial work (rebuilding) during rest.

Beginner 4 Week 5K Training Plan

Free Beginning Running Tools

Fancy GPS running watches are nice to have but really are not needed, in fact if you’re just starting, save yourself the $300 for now.  Instead here’s 2 great tools to use in your training to track and share your progress.

Runkeeper– GPS/Mileage/Speed running app for Iphone & Android.  I found it works very accurately in Boston, or at least as accurate as my Garmin watch is since both give me the same times.  It also lets you know your speed, and time per mile and the changes in elevation.  Overall great, and user-friendly app.

DailyMile – A website where you track the miles/time you ran and all your other workouts.  It’s a great motivator and a place to connect with other runners out there.  Feel free to add me to your list if you’re signed up.

Now go ahead, commit and sign up for that 5K just four weeks away!

50 Miler Training Week 7

After the snow and the lack of running in Week 6,  I was anxious for week 7 to begin.  I didn’t know how hard or easy to go but I also didn’t want to miss out on a week of training so close to my marathon.  You’ll notice that I stopped tracking the speed and incline in my runs because I didn’t want to make the miles harder but I wanted them done.  For some people planning makes them calm while for me a plan will cause anxiety so I just went in with a desire to run as much as I can without pain with no target speed or incline.

Monday – 11 Miles
I was nervous but I woke up at 6:30 for a short and quick shake out run before work.  I figured the morning would tell if my knee felt better or worse or if running had no impact on it.  I went pretty slow and had to stop a few times to catch my breath on what I thought was a slow run.  I guess I’m just not a morning person.  The knee felt better after a weekend of rest and I decided I was good for a few extra miles after work.  Got 7 miles done in the PM for a total of 11.  I also started using a new pair of Mizunos in case old shoes were causing the knee irk.

Tuesday – 6 Miles
Ran for 50 minutes at what seems fairly easy going pace during lunch.

Wednesday – 4 Miles + 9 Elliptical Miles
I did 4 miles in 33 minutes in the morning and it fell easier than Monday but these morning runs are rough!  I really look for any excuse to go back and sleep a little longer.  I did 9 minutes on the elliptical because I wanted to get more of a cardio workout but thought it would be best if my knees skipped the beating.   Elliptical intervals – 13 Incline 7 Resistance + 10 Incline 10 Resistance.  I didn’t have a time goal but after 9 miles I was too bored to go on!

Thursday – 6.2 Miles
54 Minutes and for the first time in two weeks I barely felt any weirdness in my knees from running!  I squealed with joy after my run and got some weird looks but they already think I’m crazy so no one thought too much of it at the gym.

Friday – 7.5 Miles
I ran outside!  I ran outside! The weather hit high 40s, it was sunny, and I was runny, happy place completely reached.  I ran an odd mix of 7:30 and 8:00 minute miles along the Charles River Esplanade for a total of 7.5 miles during lunch and took what was to be the quickest shower of my life to get back to work.  I even wore my Boston Marathon shirt for an extra motivation on the run!

Saturday – 13.1 Miles
I was supposed to do 20 miles on Saturday but with 5 inches of snow and no desire to slip and slide for hours I gave myself enough excuses to not make it outside.  I finally convinced myself to get on my home treadmill and with a little help from Dr. Who on Netflix I ran 10 Miles and decided maybe I could force 3 more out for a little half marathon action.  It’s not 20 miles but I did it on incline 3 and I felt good afterwards.  I don’t have the most high end treadmill so I worry about the impact it has on my body if I run too long on it.  Impact always feels a little weak so outside would have been preferred for longer runs.

Sunday – Cardio Rest – 20 Minutes of Core


I didn’t run but I did the two 10 minute cardio sets in this DVD for 20 minutes of core action.

Total Miles 47.8 Miles!

Total Feelings – I feel a little disappointed by the distance but it is what it is.

On a side note: As you can tell I’m a big fan of running twice a day since with so much coldness and darkness I don’t feel comfortable doing it all before or after work. Check out this article on pros and cons of doing double runs , my favorite, on Runner’s world!

50 Miler Training – Week 6 & Pre – Hyannis Marathon Thoughts

My week 6 of the 50 miler training was really uneventful.  I ran a total of 20 miles.   7 miles on Monday and Tuesday and 6 on Wednesday before I stopped to take a break for my knee.

I have good training weeks and I have bad training weeks and then I have absolute misery at times.  I’m going to be honest and while I don’t feel as negative about it now as I did last week, I want to share that it’s normal to have things that get in the way of your training plan or in my case a training concept since I’ve never been much of a planner.  You just work with it and keep doing the things that make you happy.

While the runs went fine, my knee felt weak and I wanted to prevent further damage   I don’t ever try to outrun something when I feel injured.  Running through the pain is not a solution and I want to be in this for the long run (no pun intended) and not just for a race.

I debated what was causing the issue and after taking a short break, I decided to stop doing Jillian Michael lunges and squats for now until it goes away.  Last year I had a similar knee issue acting up and it was around the same time when I tried once again to make strength a regular part of my workouts.  I’d like  to say that my body just hates strength workouts because my mind sure does.  However, I think I need to take my time and focus more on my form.  I like to rush through each move and I’m sure my form is what caused my knee to be cranky.

Another thing that prevented me from running last weekend was Nemo.  A blizzard tends to keep you indoors.  Usually I find that when something feels off, I’m safer running outside where my running form is more natural than a treadmill where my form tends to be more repetitive and repetition is what causes a lot of running injuries.  I decided that it’s better to just rest up and wait for Monday.

Anyways, this week is going better.  I’ll have a full recap for week 7 but I’m still having trouble getting in a 20 miler with most of the streets by my house still covered in snow banks.  Some people did a great job shoveling, while others have not and navigating that in combination to the expected snow and rain for a 20 miler isn’t appealing.  I tried the treadmill today but after 13 miles I stopped.  At least it’s a long weekend I got Sunday and Monday to attempt instead.

I would normally not care but next Sunday I’m running the Hyannis Marathon.  I have hopes to re-qualify for Boston for 2014.  I need this 20 miler for a mental boost.  I think logically I should be ready but I don’t know.  I haven’t ran a marathon since September and since Winter training is never predictable, I’m not sure what to expect.  I also made an appointment with my chiropractor who practices ART, Active Release Technique.  It was the same person I saw after the horrible Boston Marathon and after suffering with weird sciatic pain for weeks, I saw him for 4 visits and felt 100% better.  I’m hoping he’ll come to my rescue once again.  Unfortunately, he’s on vacation until Thursday so I’ve been desperately awaiting his return.  None the less, after I get my final 20 miler in, I’m going to taper.  I have my personal goals and they’re much more ambitious than my goal was last year.  Last year I was hoping to break a 4 hour marathon, with the way my training was going, I never imagined I would have ran a 3:24.  I’m hoping the same will work out this year.

Spring is in the air..

This past weekend we had 2 feet of snow, and we’re expected to get a few inches this coming weekend and yet I can feel it, Spring is in the air.

Boston hit a pleasant high of 40 degrees today (Wednesday) and with clear blue skies, I was reminded why I love living in my wintry mix of a city.

Boston Spring 10

I was feeling a little unmotivated to run so instead I went to for a walk around Downtown Boston.  One of the first spots I hit up was the Charles Esplanade

Boston Spring 9

I immediately got jealous of all the runners out there.  The paths have been fully cleaned and you could barely tell that just 3 days ago Boston was hit with 30 inches of snow.  I really regretted not bringing running tights to work as I kept walking.

Boston Spring 8

The next spot I went by was the Boston Gardens.  There you can see a little more evidence of the recent snowstorm.

Boston Spring 7

Unlike the dirty remains of black crud of ice by my office building, much of the public gardens was still under a white blanket.  The pond was frozen solid and for the most part I had the park to myself, something that’s very uncommon on a warmer day in Boston.

Boston Spring 6

I’m not sure what this little tree looks like with leaves but I wanted to pick it up and take it home with me!

Boston Spring 4

Most of the snow was unmarked, only a few spots showed evidence of human/dog passage.

Boston Spring 3

Afterwards I walked back through Back bay to my office.  Nothing brings out the colors of brownstones on Comm Ave. like the partly clear skies and the reflective nature of the snow.

Boston Spring 1

We’re expecting another 3 or more inches of snow and more rain this weekend starting Saturday morning and going into Sunday.  It’s this type of weather, the kind that disrespect my weekend long runs (I got 20 miles to make up this weekend!) that makes me want to learn to drive and pack my bags to California.  But then I wake up on a crisp sunny day (maybe a week or a month later) and realize I’m exactly where I love to be.

Choice Organic Teas Review

Confession… I’m a tea snob and a tea addict. My kitchen has a whole shelf and a full drawer devoted to tea.  I’d take a photo but it’s kind of a mess.  There are bags of loose tea, tea bags, and everything in between.  Whenever I go any place new, I bring a box or two of tea back home.  Spain? Came home with 3 boxes of teabags and 1 loose bag of tea. London? Yea I can’t even remember everything I dragged back, let’s just say that Heathrow security looked at me like I was crazy when they searched my bag at the TSA line.

So when Choice Organic Tea offered to let me try some of their teas I of course couldn’t wait!  I got to try Premium Korean Green Tea, Rooibos Chai, Masala Chai and Decaffeinated Green.

The teas I got to try are all individually bagged and come in a box of 16 teas.  Now I generally prefer loose leaf tea but when I’m in a rush, or at work, I work with the convenience of bagged teas.  I feel guilty, but I need the time save and lack of cleaning.  However, Choice Organic also sells loose tea on their website with a minimum quality of about 3 oz at a great price for great tasting, organic tea!.  Most boxes of bagged tea on their site are 4.99 each and with a small discount if you buy in bulk.


Organic Choice Tea

Premium Korean Green Tea – A more mild version of green tea that I’m used to. The tea comes from Jeju Island, South Korea’s “Island of the Gods.” The leaves are steamed, rolled and dried in the Sencha tradition, for a fresh and savory cup. It was great during the 3PM slump at work when I want something uplifting, but not that lifting that I can’t sleep at night.

Rooibos Chai – If you’re not familiar with rooibos, it’s redbush, basically that red tea.  I don’t see it in the US as much as I saw in London, but it’s delicious   Although I’m not a chai kind of gal, I love the mild spice flavor of this tea that I would drink post dinner. This tea blends rich South African rooibos with the finest masala spices for a cup that’s warming, robust and subtly sweet. It’s also naturally caffeine free!

Masala Chai – This tea features malty Assam tea from India’s Brahmaputra River Valley. They blend rich, robust black tea with masala spice for a very spicy mix.  Personally it was a little too much chai spice for me but I’m probably the only tea snob in the world whose not a big chai fan.

Decaffeinated Green – This one was my favorite so I have a lot to say for how much I loved it.

I love drinking green tea but now that I’m old (and by old I mean a full-time working adult), I find that drinking caffeinated tea at night leaves me restless through what should be a peaceful night of sleep.  Instead for evening time I usually go for an herbal tea as I find other decaffeinated teas (way different from natural caffeine free teas) to be disgusting,  lacking in taste and worse of all a chemically aftertaste.  Even another high quality organic tea brand that I love (whose name I won’t mention because this post is not about them), still has the weird chemical tea taste that comes with the decaffeination process.  Organic Choice Teas are “gently decaffeinated using carbon dioxide, the only certified organic method.”  None the less, whatever their method is, it works and I hope they come up with more decaffeinated flavors!


Other reasons to love Choice Organic Teas besides taste:

  • They’re organic
  • They purchase green certified renewable energy certificates
  • They are fair trade
  • They use 100% recycled packaging
  • They promote the growth and development of organic tea estates world-wide and offer a Guide to Organic Teas Around the World

Other flavors that look great and I will keep an eye out in stores are Lemon Lavender Mint, Russian CaravanDecaffeinated Earl GreyGreen Moroccan Mint, and if I keep listing I would be listing the whole website!

And if hot tea is not something you need because you’re in a sunny and hot location unlike the bitter winter of Boston, here’s some Ice Tea recipes I found online.

For more information check out their website and be sure to follow Choice Organics on Facebook and Twitter for discounts and news!

What’s your favorite tea? I’m a huge fan of Russian black tea, & earl gray in the morning, mint and now the decaffeinated green tea for night.

Ice or hot tea? I’m in a constant state of cold, so I prefer my tea hot.

Disclaimer – I received the teas to try through my affiliation with Girls Gone Sporty, from Choice Organic Teas. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions as always are my own.

Under Armour Is My Winter Security Blanket

I’ve noticed  I have favorites.  My favorite treadmill at the gym, my favorite brand of peanut butter, my favorite train car to enter on, my favorite shoes and my favorite clothes.  As I go through editing my photos from some December travel I notice I have one article of clothing that’s prevalent in most of my photos.  Funny, cause I remember my suitcase was filled with clothes, completely that I might have needed to borrow some space from my other half for more clothes to pack. I’m an over packer  but what’s prevalent in all my photos is one shirt, my security blanket, my Under Armour.  As I thought back on when I first got it, I realized I don’t just use it for running, I use it for travel and everything in between.

So here’s a story of my winter security blanket.  I brought it a year ago when I first started training for my first marathon in the dead of New England winter.  Snow, rain, cold freezing bone chilling winds and I was still out there on my long run trying to build my endurance, December, January, and worse of all months February.

In December 2011 it came with me to Paris and London.  Yup, that’s me on top of the Eiffel tower protected in my toasty Under Armour.

It enjoyed the beautiful sunset on top of the Eiffel tower in Paris.  It might have even had a glass or two of champagne, of course I had to drink for both of us.

It spent a lot of nights with me in Iceland in December 2012.  I didn’t run once during that trip but yet my loyalty to wearing Under Amour prevailed.  It was one of the few articles of clothes that i have that I can rely on being there to keep me warm no matter how bone chilling the temperatures get and yet comfortable enough that I can hike a glacier or enjoy some fine dining.

It came with me on my first cross country skiing adventure in Maine in February 2012.  These are flash backs and I can go in non-chronological order =)

And finally for running.  It ran with me during my Derry 16 Miler Race, a fabulous weekend of running where I conquered 37 miles in two days.

It’s the essential ingredient in my winter running layers, but more than that, it’s just essential in keeping me warm for everything.

Disclaimer – Under Armour did not pay me or give me anything for this post.  I purchased the top on my own and just love it that much.  In fact, if someone wants to give me an I love Liana gift for that special month or my quarter year birthday, there’s one in a lovely tropic pink color and there’s only 3 available on Amazon =).

Things to do on a Snowed in Weekend! 2013 Boston Blizzard Update

As anyone with a sore back from shoveling knows, we got some snow this weekend.  30 inches or more.  Clearly, a 20 miler our in the trails or roads was out of the question.  20 miles on a treadmill?  No thanks, I love running but I rather enjoy the outside world on my days off.  Here’s some things we did this weekend!

1. Snowshoeing! The woods are beautiful, peaceful and calm.  I may not be able to run through them, but taking a walk was beautiful.  We got to watch the sunset a bit too.

Only lesson: Don’t wear jeggings on a snowshoe walk.  I kicked a lot of snow as I walked and by the end of it I’m pretty sure the back of my legs were frozen solid.

2. Build a snowman!  The snow we got was dry and heavy and it took a while to build, but where there’s a will there’s a way for my roommate!

3. Take your cat out for multiple walks in the snow.

4. Bake your little heart out.   Hey, shoveling burns a lot of calories!  Even if it’s other people who are doing it.  I can eat for them too.  Plus it counts as healthy if you add protein to it!

Protein Pumpkin Muffins 5

5. Homemade pizza!  I used this recipe only with more toppings.  Frozen broccoli cauliflower mix, fresh green peppers, onions & sausage!

Pizza looked a lot more cooked after we actually you know baked it but Tony tore into it before I got to take another pretty picture!

Did you get lots of snow this weekend?  

What did you do?  We had a state ban on driving on Friday-Saturday and got to spend a lot of time close to home which was nice.

Walking a cat in the snow

Sooo Boston got a few inches (or feet) of snow.  This is the story of a cat.

A cat who cried and whined and meowed his little heart out by the door while the humans shoveled..

Finally they took him outside

At first it was fun

Then he was curious and wanted to see what else was out there

Slow he started drowning as he was building up his mohawk

and within minutes he had enough and decided to save his walking for the spring.